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Jerel C
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Jerel is an experienced creative writer with a knack for creating content aimed at clients that may have trouble envisioning their desires. He is a native English speaker who began exceeding expectations in the writing field, displaying an abundance of technical aptitude at a young age. This technical writing ability carried over to future endeavors, amassing experiences from a variety of career fields. Due to this, a flexibility in writing style has been achieved, allowing Jerel to push the limits of his abilities with both personal projects and clientele requests, alike.

Although Jerel prides himself on an ability to complete research himself, he actively consumes compendiums of knowledge gathered by others in the form of podcasts, blogs and forums during his daily work commute. As the head of his company's blog, this self-imposed emphasis towards quality research has helped define the image and voice his employer wishes to portray. This ability has been gratefully utilized by clients who wish to discuss projects before they are committed publicly. Jerel always encourages correspondence between himself and his clientele so that wishes and preferences may be fulfilled. Responsive communication can be expected at all times.

Jerel is currently a part-time freelance writer, but his clients are a top priority as he actively pursues a possible career shift towards full-time writing.
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