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Jerel is an experienced creative writer with a knack for creating content aimed at clients that may have trouble envisioning their desires. He is a native English speaker who began exceeding expectations in the writing field, displaying an abundance of technical aptitude at a young age. This technical writing ability carried over to future endeavors, amassing experiences from a variety of career fields. Due to this, a flexibility in writing style has been achieved, allowing Jerel to push the limits of his abilities with both personal projects and clientele requests, alike.

Although Jerel prides himself on an ability to complete research himself, he actively consumes compendiums of knowledge gathered by others in the form of podcasts, blogs and forums during his daily work commute. As the head of his company's blog, this self-imposed emphasis towards quality research has helped define the image and voice his employer wishes to portray. This ability has been gratefully utilized by clients who wish to discuss projects before they are committed publicly. Jerel always encourages correspondence between himself and his clientele so that wishes and preferences may be fulfilled. Responsive communication can be expected at all times.

Jerel is currently a part-time freelance writer, but his clients are a top priority as he actively pursues a possible career shift towards full-time writing.
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Jerel specializes in dramatic prose at any given length, personal happiness topics and research. He extensively writes creative fiction as a personal hobby and loves world building.

Outside of work, he specializes in competitive situations, such as contact sports and objective-based games. This helps towards writing accurate blog posts with topics such as fitness and optimal performance.


Jerel's personal interest lie in the field of artificial intelligence with a focus on deep learning. This has branched into a fascination with SciFi plots and technology. Also intrigued by design as a whole, Jerel strives to create beautiful work of his own, molding art through writing.

Snowboarding and finger-style guitar are his latest ventures.


Valencia Collge

Jerel attended Valencia College in Florida from '09 to '11, exploring different venues of life. A variety of courses ranging from graphic design to writing and creativity were taken to broaden horizons and search for his life's passion.

Jerel is an avid autodidact, and prides himself on versatility in all fields. Research techniques have been honed through college coursework, and have been put to heavy use on rainy days.


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Fashion, as an artistic pursuit, demands a yearning for design and a passion for expression. Jerel pursued design in college and nurtures a burning ember in his belly for aesthetically pleasing work. He is currently employed at a company in the fashion design industry, where he is exposing their image to the public.

Research into the going-ons at Fashion Week are stressed, as are interviews with internationally known designers to maintain a working knowledge of the industry. During his time in this field, he has learned the purpose of hardware, trimming, fabrics and a designer's approach to functional clothing.

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3 Projects Completed

Company blog writing holds potentially vast arrays of topics to be discussed by readers. Currently blogging for a company that requires research into contemporary fashion, Jerel is able to create numerous subjects for their articles. Topics range extensively and includes, but isn't limited to: general artistic pursuits, discussion of hardware/material techniques and history behind a designer's line.

Jerel is comfortable in any field that may require research of topical knowledge, and aimed towards educating readers.

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