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Stacy has written articles for doTERRA Essential Leadership Magazine and doTERRA LIVING Magazine. She has written content for the doTERRA Choosing Change brochure, doTERRA Slim & Sassy Lifestyle Competition Facebook page, doTERRA Essential Uses, and the American Red Cross. Before this, she wrote many articles and papers for her college courses.


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Industry Projects

  • Food100+
  • Health50+
  • Business4

Summary of Industry Experience


Stacy has developed recipes to be shared on social media and posted on corporate websites. She also worked to compile the recipe section of a limited-edition "blog book" that sold out in four days. She has also worked in the catering industry and has knowledge of place settings and etiquette.


Stacy helped write and compile the doTERRA Slim & Sassy Choosing Change brochure. This brochure helps individuals as they work to achieve their weight loss goals while using doTERRA products. She has also compiled various health statistics and athletic information to use for social media posts.


Stacy worked on an issue of doTERRA Essential Leadership Magazine. This magazine highlights top leaders in the direct sales industry and offers tips to help distributors grow their business. Stacy interviewed four top leaders and wrote effective articles to highlight them and motivate other distributors to grow their business.

Product Projects

  • Facebook Post100+
  • Email Copy100+
  • Banner Ad50+

Summary of Product Experience

Facebook Post

Having managed a Facebook page for a company weight-loss competition, Stacy has developed the skill to create compelling posts. She is great at developing content that increases engagement and reach.

Email Copy

Stacy has written emails that have been sent to over 800,000 people. She is great at getting her thoughts down on a page and then organizing them into something that comes across professional, interesting, and organized.

Banner Ad

Stacy has written multiple banner ads that were used on a regular basis by a billion dollar company in the multi-level marketing industry.

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