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Throughout his academic life, Destin has focused on the humanities and the art of written communication. During his time as an undergraduate, he chose writing-intensive courses that allowed him to analyze a variety of creative forms, including literature, painting, photography, sculpture, performance art, and film. Authoring such essays not only sharpened his writing skills but also enabled him to think more critically and originally. In addition to interpreting creative works, Destin has studied political science, sociology, logic, and business. These disciplines provided balance to his writing, incorporating more organization, pragmatism, and clarity to his work. Furthermore, Destin has five years of tutoring experience and has helped numerous students improve their skills in written communication.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Destin majored in Cinema and Media Arts as an undergraduate and wrote many papers examining films and works within the field of film theory. For his Senior Thesis, he authored a paper that analyzed the HBO show "True Detective" within the context of the emerging interdisciplinary field of "film-and-law".


Destin has taken several courses in the political sciences and has produced a number of papers on various topics within it.


Destin's undergraduate minor, Managerial Studies: Leadership and Organization, featured several courses in business, and he completed essays as well as group projects and presentations on various companies.

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Destin has written innumerable essays, many of which have been in the field of film. One article, submitted for publication in the Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal, is presented below.

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