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Mike has an incredibly broad background in creating persuasive images with words.
In the area of traditional media he is an award-winning arts and entertainment reviewer and opinion writer for newspapers, a television news copywriter, and a writer of successful infomercial copy selling products on television, among other things.
As a successful business owner of 35 years he has created literally hundreds of pages of promotional copy for brochures, employee manuals, safety programs, PowerPoint presentations, business and marketing plans, industry presentations and nearly any other business-related copy task one can think of.
He also writes for his own interests in personal growth, relationship work, interpersonal communication and spiritual subjects. He can tailor his work to any audience and make it reach out and whisper in the reader's ear: "Listen up. This is the way it is and it's something you should know." .


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Industry Projects

  • Construction50+
  • Publishing20+
  • Politics10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Mike has created brochures for three different companies who specialize in a new excavation technology. He also has written business plans, marketing plans, SEO copy for company websites and many other written-word applications.


Mike reviewed for publication many books by Colorado authors over a period of several years. Outdoor books, history books, environmental books, travel books, all kinds. Some good, some amateurish, all written to the best of someone's ability. A great experience and a rewarding one when the author said, "You know, I think you captured what I was trying to say better than any reviewer I have read."


Mike wrote a weekly political opinion column in a local newspaper in Colorado for several years, and is a regular reader and contributor to political aggregator websites and blogs.

Product Projects

  • Article50+

Summary of Product Experience


Mike published weekly (or more often) in local newspapers for years. He covered local events, opinion, previews and/or reviews of arts events, and political commentary.

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