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Heather has been a writer for over twenty years, whether it be through academia, traditional journalism, blogging, technical writing, children's literary pieces, poetry or other creative pursuits, she has sought to pursue her love of the written word.
While Heather has self-published through her own personal blog, and been featured as a guest writer for other online publications, she has recently begun to write in niche markets such as business articles on LinkedIn, and has been published through journalistic publications such as the Bavarian News.
Heather's education has led her to specialize in analysis and critical review of social issues, political realms and international relations, as well as creative art reviews of film, art and music.


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Industry Projects

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  • Kids/Family10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Heather has worked with professors and peers to evaluate security concerns in regional stability and international politics.


Heather has had many years of personal experience with the dynamics of family and children, and has recently begun pursuing articles and writing associated with this industry. She has worked with others to evaluate cleaning products, children's toys, diapers, and other products used within the home.
As a professional, Heather has worked in children's education and as a literacy mentor, allowiing her the opportunity to have a unique perspective on the viewpoints of children at different ages and literacy levels.
In her personal life, Heather has special experience in raising family abroad, raising children within the military, and is currently learning the dynamics of living life with a toddler and teenagers, simultaneously.

Product Projects

  • Facebook Post1,000+
  • Article5

Summary of Product Experience

Facebook Post

Heather has a personal facebook page to maintain contact with family and friends. She also acts as an admin for two pages she created. She has experience in posting in groups and moderating facebook groups and pages.


Heather has published several articles on LinkedIn and through the Bavarian News, a niche newspaper publication geared toward military service members and their families.

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