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Recently Shannon decided to make a change. She had been writing nearly all her life, but it's only been in the last few years that she discovered others were willing to read it. Starting in 2012, she started posting her short stories on a distribution website and was thrilled when her first story immediately appeared in the premium catalog. It wasn't long before her writing was all over the internet. In 2014, all her hard work paid off when she published her first novel, Halcyon's Guardian.

Thinking back, she realized her experience extended to more than just writing. In 2009, she joined the literary magazine class at Clatsop Community College. There, she learned how much work and teamwork was involved with the printed word.

Moving to Eugene, Ore was one of the hardest decisions of her life, but it also proved to be an important step in her writing career. There she worked for the local department store. Slightly bored with the whole retail experience, Shannon received the opportunity to take over the store newsletter. While at the helm, she took the little rag from a small single page of birthdays and anniversaries to a full-blown four-page spread of stories and advertising that was relevant to the employees.

Now, Shannon is taking the next step on her writing career. Branching out as a freelancer, she has set up her online presence. She now has a personal blog, her own website, and a number of e-books. While she likes to stay within the fantasy genre with her own writing, she's capable of writing nearly anything. Her favorite motto is "With the right research, even the stars are attainable."

For her professional presence, she writes for a blogging company where she consistently receives four and five star reviews on nearly every post. Even though she has only been with the company for a short time, she feels that the site has helped her improve her own writing and is looking forward to branching out with more freelance work.
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