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Ever since losing a spelling bee in the 3rd grade, Mike has dedicated himself to perfecting his writing. It's a work in progress. When he's not working on his craft, you can find him at some hole-in-the-wall restaurant, playing video games, or battling his dangerous addiction for Peanut Butter M&Ms.

Since 2008, Mike has been helping clients from a variety of industries create branded communications that reach audiences across multiple platforms and channels. Mike has helped nationally recognized Healthcare and Technology brands market new products and services, up-and-coming Restaurants reach new audiences, family-owned Construction companies promote their work, and independent Video Game developers craft engaging narratives for their games.

From clean and professional to cheeky and playful, Mike is comfortable writing in different voices and tones to help create content that is unique, engaging, and powerful.


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Industry Projects

  • Food50+
  • Marketing20+
  • Software20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Mike has created marketing content for a variety of independent restaurants and restaurant groups. Covering a range of cuisines and atmospheres, Mike has helped to provide engaging content for websites, social media channels, print materials, email campaigns, and TV commercials.


The marketing writer's job is equal parts consultant and salesperson. Mike has helped dozens of clients find the right solutions and the right message for their goals. Understanding what consumers expect, and how they interpret marketing communications, is crucial to producing a message that will resonate and entice them to take action.


Working for companies on the cutting edge of technology, like United HealthGroup and Siteimprove, Mike has gained a deep understanding of the systems that power some of today's most successful products, websites, and apps.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Web Page20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Succinct, but useful. Detailed, but engaging. Timely, but methodical. Blog posts are essential pieces to any marketing strategy. They allow you to easily engage your audience in real-time conversations, and provide information on the topics they find most valuable. Mike understands how to balance content that is engaging and entertaining, with content that is well-researched and insightful.

Web Page

Announcing new products, launching new restaurants, providing event information, and introducing new apps. These are just a few of the messages for which Mike has created branded webpage content.

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