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Both opinionated and well-armed with an arsenal of words, Kimberly has led a life full of arguments and struggles. Writing has become one of the only ways that she can truly express herself. She began writing at the age of four (twenty-five long years ago); she completed her first novel at age eleven. When other children loathed homework assignments involving essays, Kimberly happily and voluntarily penned several essays at once, sometimes just for fun. She published newspaper articles, poetry, and short stories while continuously working on screenplays, songs, and novels. As the years went by, Kimberly became very busy while trying to get her music career off the ground. But that launch never took place. Still, her pursuit of all things artistic continued, albeit quietly and with no publication. After eight years, Kimberly published a short story and a poem in an online magazine. That plunge reinvigorated her as well as her writing. Now she has returned to writing every day, determined to regain the word talents of her past and excited to evolve as her life continues to change on a daily basis.


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Kimberly attended school for pharmaceutical studies so she has a wide breadth of knowledge in this area.


Kimberly began her college years as a music major and has been professionally trained in opera. However, since the age of 11, Kimberly has effectively trained herself as a country singer. She has auditioned for several televised talent competitions, such as American Idol, America's Got Talent, and the now defunct Nashville Star.

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Kimberly has blogged on Facebook for five years now. Her posts are insightful and emotional, yet crude and humorous at times.

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Kimberly has blogged since 2001, beginning on Bolt.com, then moving on to Live Journal, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and various hubs.

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