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Nikcole is a seasoned writer of non-fiction and fiction alike. For over 10 years, she has created book reviews, newspaper articles, poetry, fiction, product descriptions and blog material. Her other work experiences, hobbies and personal life experience has given her a wide knowledge-base for writing on varying topics.

In the past, she has received numerous honors and awards for her writing, including the Sewanee Award for Excellence in Writing and the National League of PEN Women Award. Her writing was vital to the Palatka Daily News newspaper for several years, and has also been featured in several magazines, such as CCM and Reader's Digest.


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Nikcole has worked in a veterinary office for the past three years, working with feline-specific patients. Her knowledge is basic, but has a wide base of topics, including: health, feeding, training, multiple-pet households, and litter box habits.


Nikcole worked for the Palatka Daily News as a freelance journalist, completing twelve plus projects with them overall.

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Blog Post

Nikcole has over five plus years experience writing for blogs. Her blog posts explore personal interests, prompts and assigned topics. She has managed to maintain a blog on several different platforms over the last five years.

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