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Amber brings a wide range of writing skills to our team, and has extensive experience across a wide range of fields. Her freelance writing background spans nearly 20 years, with articles published in both print and online formats. Publication credits include everything from newspaper articles to academic worksheets; advertising copy to speech writing. More than 4,000 published professional legal blog pieces demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of content writing and SEO practices. With a love of the written word and an excellent work ethic, Amber is ready to put her skills to use to meet your content writing needs.
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For professional writers, diversity is the name of the game. By constantly taking on projects that enhance and expand her areas of expertise, Amber has strengthened her skill set considerably over the years. She is willing and able to create quality content in a number of areas, but specialties include legal writing, health and wellness, parenting and general service pieces.


Writers spend a considerable amount of time sitting in front of their computer screens, which can lead to issues with health and well-being. The best way to combat the ill effects of too much screen time is to get outside and move around. To that end, Amber is a lifelong enthusiast of hiking, camping, fishing and travel. Camping experience ranges from solo backpacking trips to full-on RV "camping," including one very harrowing near miss with a bear of considerable size. By staying active and exploring the world at every opportunity, Amber hopes to avoid anything approaching a near miss with heart disease, high blood pressure and social isolation!


University of North Carolina Charlotte

Through study within the UNCC Anthropology department, Amber amassed a great deal of experience in academic research and writing. Study was focused on Applied Anthropology, which led to a strong background in assessing the needs of any given group and determining a course of action to best suit those needs. This has proved to be the base for most of the copywriting services provided over the years.


4,909 Projects Completed

For the past several years, Amber has worked full time providing high-quality content writing for hundreds of attorney blogs and websites. The aim of these pieces is to transform research recent and current events into informative, accessible pieces that speak directly to potential clients. By providing valuable content to online readers, it is possible to convert information seekers in to new clients.


301 Projects Completed

Writing in the subject area of women's interests has been a passion of Amber's for many years. Whether creating content focused on parenting, health, nutrition, beauty or personal growth, this is an area of focus that has been very personally rewarding. Amber has created an impressive body of work in this field, including publication in both print and online formats.


290 Projects Completed

For those who pursue content writing as a profession, no two work days are alike. New clients and projects require research into various fields, making every day a chance to learn something new. This is what makes content writing an exciting and invigorating career choice, and what provides the best content writers with a wide skill set from which to draw. Amber has been creating quality content for more than 20 years, and is continually adapting to changes in technology, communications and online marketing.


271 Projects Completed

Converting medical research into accessible content for the average reader requires a careful approach. Amber is able to balance the need to communicate highly technical information with the desire to connect with readers. The end result is writing that medical professionals can use to bridge the gap that often exists between scientific innovation and effective communication.


238 Projects Completed

Health and wellness is an area of interest to virtually all readers. Having written well over 200 pieces within this field, Amber is able to present recent research and healthcare innovations in a format that is both informative and accessible. Put this expertise into action in creating your next health and wellness writing project.


179 Projects Completed

Healthy living has been a passion of Amber's since early adulthood, and writing about food and nutrition has been a very rewarding part of her writing career. Sharing tips on food sourcing, preparation and presentation is one of the most enjoyable ways to connect her personal and professional lives. Learning about new cuisines and preparation techniques has been a fringe benefit to her body of food and nutrition writing.


136 Projects Completed

Writing for the business world requires an understanding of basic business principles coupled with the ability to effectively communicate with a wide audience. Having owned her own successful business for many years, Amber is well versed in the art of business communication, and has experience with a variety of business writing projects.


111 Projects Completed

Writing high-quality web content requires a skill set that includes the ability to research various industries and compile the results of that research into well-written and informative pieces. After years of providing content writing across multiple fields, many of Amber's projects have focused on the construction industry. Construction clients have ranged from independent contractors looking to expand their web presence to the complete website copywriting overhaul for a large construction staffing company.


102 Projects Completed

In the field of technology, projects often focus on communicating highly complex information in a manner that is easily understood by the layperson. Amber has a wide range of experience converting technical concepts into content that readers can relate to.

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4,599 Projects Completed

Amber has years of experience ghostwriting blog posts for more than 100 attorneys. Legal specialties include family law, bankruptcy law, estate planning, criminal law and business law.


1,650 Projects Completed

Amber has more than ten years of experience writing articles for both print and online publication. An engaging and informative article requires a combination of skills, including the ability to convert research into information that is easy to access and absorb. When it comes to articles, Amber has a demonstrated history of providing content that fits the bill, across a wide range of industries.

Web Page

1,033 Projects Completed

Writing website content requires a specific skill set and a great deal of attention to detail. Amber has written web pages for clients across many different industries. Clients seek her out for her knowledge of current SEO practices, and for her ability to create compelling and engaging site content.


1,019 Projects Completed

Writing for catalogs requires a concise, targeted approach, and is an area where Amber excels. Her catalog experience spans a wide range of industries, including many projects completed through the WriterAccess platform.

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