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Ken has been a freelance business blog writer and small business web designer for the past decade. He realizes that quality content marketing requires the ability to be a good storyteller. Ken has the unique ability to put his own spin on a subject and make a well-discussed topic new again.
Ken's ability to inject a personal touch into his web designs creates visitor engagement, which allows small business owners to make the right connections with their target audience and rise above the crowd.
Customers hire Ken to design their small business websites because of his intelligence, his ability to communicate, his website quality standards, and his ethics. He works with a high level of integrity and provides a great service at a reasonable price.
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Ken recently retired from a 30+ year career in the insurance industry. In 2001, he helped launch and was a managing partner in a multi-line insurance agency. As an insurance marketing manager, he was responsible for targeting and identifying potential clients through networking, outreach, and other creative initiatives required to build meaningful business relationships.

Ken has been a professional small business web designer and freelance writer for more than a decade. He thoroughly understands that those words you use in your marketing materials not only serve to describe you and your products or services, but also to differentiate you from your competition.

Ken enjoys focusing on:
*Business blog writing
*Small business web design
*Social media marketing
*Graphic design
*Creative writing
*Informational content


business blog writing, freelance writing, self-taught artist, graphic design


325 Projects Completed

Ken began his 30-year insurance career immediately upon being honorably discharged from the U. S. Air Force. As a member of sales management, Ken hired, trained, coached, supervised and evaluated new insurance agents. He also helped launch and was a managing partner in a multi-line insurance agency. In his capacity as marketing manager, he was responsible for writing unique quality blog and web content on a wide range of topics. He managed all phases of insurance marketing campaigns, both online and with traditional advertising methods. He was responsible for evaluating target markets and implementing marketing strategies.


275 Projects Completed

Ken has been a professional small business website designer and freelance business blog writer for the past 12 years. He has co-written a new ebook, "Writing Better Web Content" with his friend and colleague, Dr. Deborah C. Bauers, LPC. Ken has the unique ability to put his own spin on well-discussed topics to make the article totally new.


165 Projects Completed

Since search engines love blogs, there is no better way for an attorney to boost his/her online presence. Blogs are less expensive and usually more effective than other marketing techniques. All lawyers should blog if they crave the opportunity to discuss legal matters in the most public forum.

Web Development

135 Projects Completed

As a small business web designer, Ken is always writing blog articles about web design and development. He feels strongly that a business should never sacrifice function for fashion in web design.


125 Projects Completed

Ken understands that the key to building a thriving travel agency is being able to consistently communicate the unique value of your agency. A well-designed travel blog is the best way to deliver your message.Your travel blog tells the story of travel. You have an incredible opportunity to sell “better travel” just by telling your story through consistent blog posts.


110 Projects Completed

Ken has written quite a number of blog articles on different business concepts, ranging from start ups to forming business partnerships.

Real Estate

96 Projects Completed

Most real estate companies and agents already have an online presence in the form of a traditional website. The problem with these sites is that many of them make everything look the same. By sharing your personal experiences and offering something of value in a blog, you can more clearly show your visitors that you are the best agent to represent them in the buying or selling process.


95 Projects Completed

Ken has written a number of articles on the subject of internet safety for kids. He feels the internet has not only drastically changed the way adults live their daily lives, but it has also had a significant impact on how our children interact with the world.


85 Projects Completed

Ken maintains a Spiritual Living blog for the purpose of providing hope and encouragement in a world that is being invaded by greed and violence. Ken can't understand why our children are being exposed to everything that is immoral, but can't speak the name "God" or carry a Bible to school. He always asks one simple question - "So, just how do we motivate our kids to be excited about following Christ?"


85 Projects Completed

Ken feels that in creating content for a restaurant website, whoever tells the best story wins. Restaurant websites try their best to look “cool” and in between all this they tend to forget whatever their website visitors are looking for. He focuses on what makes your current and potential customers happier or healthier. Ken writes great copy that will seduce your readers by choosing the right words to make your food desirable.

Search Marketing

65 Projects Completed

It can be quite disturbing to spend a lot of time, effort, and money in the creation of just the right website or blog only to discover that it doesn’t immediately get shown in search results. There are many factors affecting search results and rankings. Let’s look at some of them and discuss ideas that can help improve your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Blog Post

350 Projects Completed

Ken is a good storyteller. He believes that with just the right amount of research, he can write quality blog articles on practically any topic. Ken believes that a blog allows a business to be totally human in the eyes of the general public and it also draws more attention to a business website.
It is very difficult to write the passionate content your customers want when you feel burnt out. Outsourcing blog writing allows you to stay excited about your business and products. You can devote your enthusiasm to what you do best – run the business.

Web Page

146 Projects Completed

Customers hire Ken to design their small business websites because of his intelligence, his ability to communicate, his website quality standards, and his ethics. He feels that your business website must provide relative and informative web content. He also understands that it must be properly optimized in order for search engines and customers to find it.


78 Projects Completed

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Google Plus Business Page
The ability to create a Google Plus business page to promote your blog, website, or brand can be an effective social media marketing tool for small and large businesses. Since Google Plus is the second largest social network, it just makes sense that you learn to use it. Let’s look at how to create a Google Plus business page to promote your blog writing, website, or build credibility for your products and services.

In order to create a business page, you must first create a Google Plus personal profile. If you already have one, you can use these instructions to create your new page. If you don’t have a personal profile, please log in to your Google account and create one before you proceed.


2 Projects Completed

Freelance writing can be an exciting and rewarding journey, if you are properly prepared for the trip. It's true that just about anyone can write a blog and just about anyone can write a book. No matter what you are writing, if search engines and everyday people can't find it, all your hard work was in vain.
"Writing Better Web Content" helps you analyze the quality in web content. It helps you establish your voice in writing, which is a critical part of creating and sustaining a brand or service. It explores ideas to help you make better connections with your audience, better optimize your articles for search engines, and better promote your hard work in social media networks.

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