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Shannon is a professional freelance writer and editor, with over 1,000 projects completed, including product descriptions, product reviews, landing pages, website content, hotel descriptions, hotel reviews, articles, blogs, and much more for a variety of clients. Shannon has worked as a Project Manager on a major retail account, editing and fact checking landing pages, and managing a team of 10 writers.

In her career as an Architectural Designer and Space Planner for private and Federal Government agencies, Shannon wrote SOWs (Statement of Work), TOs (Task Orders), RFIs (Request for Information), and RFPs (Request for Proposals), among other documents. Shannon is currently a Senior Interior Designer and Project Managed in Washington, DC, specializing in government and corporate facilities and interior design.

Shannon has over 15 years of professional work experience in the United States and abroad in Project Management, Business Development, and Architectural Design. She is considered a technical expert (SME) in her niche, Space Planning and Contract Furniture. Shannon is currently a full-time freelancer and mom, based in the Washington, DC metro area. She recently purchased her first home and is planning her wedding.

Shannon founded her own travel blog after moving to Germany in 2012, where she lived as an expat for almost three years. She traveled all over Europe with her fiancee before returning to the States. Shannon has been to over 25 countries and counting. She has also worked in the travel industry as a Travel Consultant and Cruise Specialist.

Shannon holds an undergraduate degree from NYIT where she received her Bachelor's in Architecture. She has an MBA, with a concentration in Real Estate, from Marylhurst University, and she has begun her Doctoral Studies towards a Doctorate of Business Administration. She is also a certified Project Management Processional (PMP). Shannon has a passion for continued education.
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New York Institute of Technology

Shannon completed her degree in Architecture at New York Institute of Technology. While attending school, Shannon worked part-time at various architecture studios in New York City.

Shannon was also a live-in Residential Advisor for students with developmental disabilities and the campus Lifeguard.

Marylhurst University

Shannon received her MBA with a concentration in Real Estate Studies from Marylhurst University in 2010. She completed her entire degree online, maintaining a GPA of 3.6 or higher, while also working a full-time job with the Federal Government.

Walden University

Shannon has begun her Doctoral degree in Business Administration, however she has temporarily put her studies on hold to focus on her writing career and her growing family. Shannon plans on continuing her degree in the very near future.


260 Projects Completed

Having traveled to over 25 countries around the world, living in Europe for almost three years, and writing her own travel blog, Shannon has a lot of experience when it comes to travel. She has worked as a travel agent and is a certified cruise specialist.

Shannon has written extensively for Hipmunk, including hotel descriptions (300 words), flight destination articles (300-400 words), airport guides (300-400 words), and in-depth city guides (1000-1,500 words).

Real Estate

55 Projects Completed

Shannon holds an MBA degree with a concentration in Real Estate. Throughout her Master's program she studied areas such as Real Estate Law, Real Estate Investment Analysis, and Analysis of a Real Estate Transaction. Shannon maintained a 3.6 GPA, or higher, throughout her program.

Shannon also received her Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from New York Institute of Technology's School of Architecture and Design. She has over 15 years of professional experience working in the design and real estate field, holding various positions both in the US and in Europe, for private companies and Federal agencies.


17 Projects Completed

Shannon currently works as a substitute teacher for various public schools (K-12) in Northern Virginia. Her fiancee is a certified elementary school teacher K-5, and a certified Special Education teacher K-12, who often assists her with education-related projects.

She has a passion for continued education. Shannon has received a Bachelor's Degree and her MBA. She has also begun her studies towards her Doctorate's Degree.

Shannon has extensive knowledge in the area of online education, as she herself completed her MBA degree through an online program with Marylhurst University.


3 Projects Completed

Shannon has a solid professional background in her career field, with over 15 years of experience working for the Federal Government, small to mid-sized private companies, and large financial institutions. She spent three years working internationally as a military contractor based in Germany, noted as a technical expert in her field.

Product Description

520 Projects Completed

Shannon has over three years of experience copywriting and has ghost-written over 500 product descriptions, landing pages, and buying guides for various online retailers and bidding sites. Product descriptions varied from 70-300 words; buying guides varied from 500-2000 words; and landing pages ranged from 250-1500 words. All projects were based on very strict style guides, and keyword and SEO requirements.

Blog Post

67 Projects Completed

Shannon has over three years of travel writing experience for various online copywriting companies. Her most recent work has been published on Hipmunk, a major travel booking website. Shannon founded her own travel blog after moving to Germany in 2013, where she lived as an expat for three years, traveling all over Europe with her fiancee before returning to the States. Shannon has been to over 25 countries and counting. She has also worked in the travel industry as a part-time Travel Agent, booking vacations and cruises for her family and friends.

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