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Garrett H. is a freelance science and psychology writer, editor, and researcher equally capable of producing content for both academic and casual readerships. He provides exceptional original content (short- and long-form), professional editing and proofreading skills, and ensures top-notch, credible research and citations. Articles, blog posts, reviews, and line/copy-editing are his core strengths.


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Garrett H. uses his English and psychology education to create, research, proofread, and revise science content, articles, and blog posts. Through freelancing, he has written stand-alone articles and content series detailing the psychology of online dating and the intricacies of fear and anxiety. He is currently helping to write/copyedit a forthcoming book on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).


Writing educational and informative science/psychology pieces is a skill Garrett H. takes to heart. The following example highlights this--a short post about the origins of anxiety and fear.

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Blog Post

Garret H. has years of experience publishing blog posts on Blogger, Weebly, and WordPress formats. Again, science and psychology pieces are his passion.


Longer articles, on any and all science/psychology topics or book reviews, are Garrett H.'s favorite assignments:

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