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Since publishing a handful of poetry as a teen, Christina has focused on her business career in sales and management in pursuit of financial success. Beginning in the home improvement industry in New York, moving to paint in Maryland and Delaware, and then returning to her home area to join the healthcare insurance industry, Christina's experience ranges from training to operations and sales. Her assignments include technical writing such as developing business plans, budgets, and training curriculum, to persuasive sales pitches and product proposals, even motivational presentations for sales and management meetings and sales conferences.


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Industry Projects

  • Construction10+
  • Insurance5

Summary of Industry Experience


From her first job at a family owned hardware store and lumber yard, to managing a million dollar paint and wallcovering market in Ocean City, Christina is familiar with home improvement methods and jargon, market segments and trends. She has spent 15 years in the business and can speak to homeowners, artisans, contractors and designers with equal confidence.


Christina has worked in commercial health insurance for 4 years, working with members and providers, training new hires on policies and procedures, mentoring existing personnel and spearheading process updates when issues are found. From eligibility and benefits to claims and appeals, the language of health insurance, state mandates, and healthcare providers is second nature.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Article10+
  • Annual Report5

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Christina has maintained her own blog of personal experiences, humorous and poignant, as well as well researched opinion pieces on current events and controversies and commentary for the last 4 years.


Christina can articulate an event and experiences, subject matter in depth on any topic with the research necessary to clarify the point of view. She has been penning articles on current events and travel since 2001.

Annual Report

In her role in direct sales and business management, Christina's extensive research and familiarity with business trends culminated in the annual market analysis and business plan. She is also responsible for presentation content for managers and sales representatives meeting to discuss new products, clients, and strategies.

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