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Elizabeth began writing legal content in 2008, working as an Associate Editor for various newsletters in the Education, Insurance and Workers Compensation legal practice areas. By 2010, she was writing legal content full-time for a legal directory. In January of 2013, she started working as a freelance content writer and began branching out to a number of other areas, writing blogs, web content and social media posts and updates. She now writes full-time in a number of different professional areas in a wide range of topics.


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Elizabeth is an experienced paralegal. She earned her Associate of Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies in December 2004, and has been working in the legal field since early 2008. She has been writing blogs and legal content for legal directories, and law firm and solo practitioner websites since early 2010.


As a paralegal, Elizabeth has honed her research skills, allowing her to write on a wide range of subjects. She has written on some extremely diverse topics, from snoring mouthpieces to car service, appliance repair, cosmetic surgery and much more. She prides herself on her creativity and her ability to successfully tackle new subjects in an engaging and informative manner.


Elizabeth branched out from legal writing to content in the financial area with a series of articles on Forex trading in 2013. She has since written numerous articles about credit cards, and is extremely knowledgeable on this extensive subject matter.

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Over the past several years, Elizabeth has written extensively for hundreds of clients, creating web content for lawyers, doctors, realtors, SEO firms, and a myriad of other businesses and sole proprietors. She enjoys creating unique and compelling content that adds value to each website and draws in new and repeat visitors.

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