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James W. has over three years of SEO content writing, professional pay-grade article commissions, and freelance assignments for writing and editing under his belt. He has published numerous short fiction stories online and in print, as well as having his first novel set for a March 2015 release through Permuted Press. James is a senior at the University of Massachusetts studying toward his English B.A., and currently holds a 3.85 GPA.


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James has written multiple long-form pieces in which he details specific aspects of the video game industry and recent releases.

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James has written extensively about video games, films, and media outlets in his freelance commissions, and is most active in this area. He has written on a contracted basis for several of these websites, and is comfortable writing about almost any area of entertainment and recent developments in the world of media. He has an eclectic set of interests in media, and can write about anything from Cannes festival competitors to the latest military shooter simulation.


James is a published author and freelance editor, and uses his blog to post about writing advice in science-fiction and fantasy fields. He often writes general fiction advice for his followers, and is actively growing his audience through both his blog and several third-party sites, where he publishes regular ideas for plot points, submissions to agencies and publishers, and other forms of writing tips.


James has written for various video game websites, writing both opinion-based pieces as well as reviews on a commission basis. His specialty lies in game analysis and market trend reviews, and his interests in gaming are generally focused around story-heavy experiences with an emphasis on player agency and consequence.

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James has written for several high-traffic sites, producing concise and traffic-generating pieces on a consistent basis. His interest in entertainment blogging is based around a personal fascination with media projects and release developments in Hollywood, and he is always prepared to follow the latest story as soon as it breaks.


James has written multiple long-form pieces in which he details specific aspects of the video game industry and recent releases.

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