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Garrick L
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Garrick has always been an excellent writer, even through his primary school years. He was top of his class in writing assignments all the way through high school. Once in college, he was able to take CLEP tests to avoid even taking English courses at all. Garrick was introduced to an article spinning website in 2010 by a close friend and began spinning articles for pay. Once he realized that it was actually possible to make money on the Internet, he branched out his writing capabilities to other websites.

He soon discovered content mills and became fluent in their writing styles. At the few he's chosen to write for, he has earned quite an impressive pay amount and has yet to miss a deadline. He has never written an article that he wasn't paid for; any rejections were easily corrected and the assignments were always paid out. On the articles that do get rated by clients, none have been below a 3 and the majority have been 4's and 5's. His main experience is writing SEO and blog articles though he has written web content for several pages.

Garrick enjoys communicating with the support and editing teams to build a personal connection and allow them to better learn his writing style. Garrick is excellent at learning new writing styles and adapts incredibly fast. He is always open to suggestions and never takes criticism the wrong way; he actually appreciates constructive criticism because he believes it makes him a better writer.

Garrick is currently working as a full-time writer and living in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. He enjoys making his own schedule and looks forward to pleasing new clients every single day. Garrick truly takes every effort to ensure that each article he writes is top quality and ready for the client.


418 Projects Completed

Garrick has written about several health topics for various websites. Some of his experience involves writing nutritional tips and tricks to live a healthier lifestyle, to basic exercises that anyone can do at home. He tends to cater to less extreme fitness styles and teaching people about living an overall healthy lifestyle. This involves everything from basic exercise to changing your eating habits.


6,008 Projects Completed

Garrick has been writing SEO articles for over a year. They are the main type of article he writes, though he has experience writing blogs and web content as well.

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