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Gina brings heart and technical expertise to every writing project. A lifelong logophile, she began reading the dictionary, writing books, and creating poetry as hobbies when she was a young child.

Gina has technical writing experience in private and public sector business. As an Internal Auditor with Solar Turbines, a San Diego subsidiary of Caterpillar, Inc., Gina began developing her technical writing skills. In addition to developing reports to mitigate corporate risks, she also collaborated on ISO policy development and corporate procedures. As a Sr. Finance Auditor with the County of San Diego, her skills were further enforced to support public policy decision-making. The white papers on which Gina has developed and collaborated with the County of San Diego continue to serve as guidance and research reference to varied county departments and processes.

Gina is most alive during the creative writing process. Her first literary prize was in the 2nd grade for her book about a young girl whose family all became ghosts. Since that time, Gina received requests to write for special occasions and give public recitations. Most often, her writings focus on topics of happiness, love, and the human condition. This focus began during the darkness of her childhood, which was subjected to abuse, trauma, and the effects of the foster care system. Through the passion of writing, she learned to rise above heartache to find joy in her dreams. Her writings also gave her the motivation to seek goals that were far above the tragedies that made up her early life. She discovered that through words she had total command of the images in her mind. Through writing, she found that evil people could be formed as dragons and slain by the good. She found that the beauty of a princess' world was merely a pen stroke away. Gina continues to use the magic of words to create platforms to make the world a better place. Her prose and fiction works share lessons of love, self-esteem, and the need for societal responsibility.

Currently, Gina is a blogger and content writer, while continuing her work in poetry and books. Additionally, her writing has opened the door to a platform as a motivational speaker. She uses her art and love of words to support her public service passions -- youth development and social responsibility.


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Gina is the author of two blogs, one via Wordpress that provides a motivational and biographical look at her life and the second through Google which speaks on social responsibility.

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Gina has extensive experience interpreting and developing public policy procedures and papers. Her expertise qualified her to lead the County of San Diego work group to develop implementation processes for the financial provisions California Assembly Bill 109 and other Public Safety Realignment legislation. Her documentation on a number of county accounting processes have been used in statewide workshops as a best practice guideline.

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Developed the business plan and all supporting documentation to start my current nonprofit Positive FACE.

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Since 2007, Gina has used Facebook to provide motivational thoughts to encourage self discovery. Currently, the posts can be tracked with the hashtag #LiveOnPurposeDaily

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Gina is the author of two blogs, one via Wordpress that provides a motivational and biographical look at her life and the second through Google which speaks on social responsibility.


Gina has experience in promoting events and products through advertising using online and print mediums. Gina is an experienced content writer, providing reviews and ad content for major firms and products. Her promotional experience has included support for community organization fundraising and informational activities. Her promotional work has been proven to support attendance and funding goals.

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