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Margaret has more than six years of experience writing content for various online sources. She is especially interested in the healthcare field, as she is currently completing prerequisites for nursing school and has also worked as an EMT. She is a lifelong pet owner and enjoys writing about all kinds of animals as well. Additionally, she has written extensively about cars, home heating and cooling systems, and software, and she's always interested in branching out to learn about other fields.


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  • Software50+
  • Pets10+
  • Health10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Margaret has completed hundreds of reviews of software products for mobile devices, Windows, and Mac.


Margaret is a lifetime pet owner, as well as a volunteer for a dog rescue and adoption organization. She has written about all kinds of animals and topics surrounding proper care and training for pets.


Margaret has written extensively about a variety of topics in the field of Health and Wellness. She also holds several healthcare-related certifications and is pursuing a degree in nursing.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article100+
  • Other50+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Margaret has written blog posts on a wide range of topics ranging from cars to heating and air conditioning systems to health and wellness.


Margaret has written articles of various lengths and covering many areas of interest including HVAC installation and maintenance, dog training, insurance, real estate, and various topics in healthcare.


Margaret has written hundreds of software reviews for a variety of platforms and operating systems including Windows, Mac, and iOS.

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