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Creative writing has been Shaun's passion since he produced his first play in his first years of college. Shaun has since produced several more plays at theaters throughout Baltimore, Chicago and other places. He enjoys creative writing because it allows him to freely express ideas without worrying about all the formalities. Although, Shaun spent many years understanding the rules of writing in order to break them in his creative applications. He has built this experience through years of writing assignments for newspapers and content creation for brands. He has worked as a copy editor for a two newspapers and some content creation websites, as well.

Shaun worked for a few years as Chief Marketing Executive with a promotional marketing company based in Los Angeles. Working at Westward Expansion gave him the skill set to tackle tough, brand based clients. He is now fluent in creating content geared towards a specific niche, content filled with SEOs and keywords. He rather enjoys creating this, and sees it as a conversation between consumers and brands.

Shaun's grasp of language and image is detailed. He continues to write short stories and other creative endeavors as often as time permits.


Shaun enjoys writing creative fiction, reviews of products & services. He dabbles in content creation & word manipulation.


Shaun enjoys creating buzz with words. He constantly refines his technical skills. His creative side is always at play.


University of Maryland

Shaun earned high esteem for his contributions to local papers while studying journalism and creative writing. He also saw several of his plays produced by his faculty and students.


20 Projects Completed

Visiting unique landmarks and popular destinations. Writing reviews, creating interviews and original content about the people, places and experiences. Answering questions from 'What makes this place special to visit?' to 'What RV parks are there within fifty miles of Chicago?'

I write concise reviews, and sometimes I get the chance to write a real slice of life feature.


50 Projects Completed

Playwright, screenwriter, poet and author. Written many stories and scripts. Creativity flows from the fingertips. Dialogue, characters and story authentic and genuine. Started writing plays early on, produced several and commissioned a few more after college. Traveled to major cities, Chicago and Los Angeles, New York and D.C. to showcase work, workshop with creative elite. Constantly perfecting the gem of creative ingenuity.

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