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Growing up, Hubert never really knew what his future career would be; however, even then, writing has always been a part of his life.

Hubert, like most other boys his age, believed he would be a professional athlete or an owner of a major sports team. With all these lofty dreams floating way above his head, he began to write. And, with that first Young Author's award, he realized the power of his words.

Since then, Hubert has written any chance he can. As sports editor and editor-in-chief of his high school paper, journalism grew from an interest to an obsession. Majoring in journalism and social studies education, Hubert immersed himself in writing academic research papers and in-depth news and human interest articles. He has worked as both a paid and unpaid professional journalist with student and circulated publications. As an educator, he uses these skills daily, helping both high school and junior high students develop their own writing, through research, non-fiction and creative writing pieces. Seeking even greater opportunities to write, this love has carried over into other jobs. When working as a political intern at multiple levels, he was able to use his talents to write press releases and engage with staff and other elected officials.

While writing isn't Hubert's full-time job, his undeniable passion for writing has led him to seek freelance opportunities with multiple publications in an attempt to continue to perfect the craft that began long ago.
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Given his diverse interests, skills, and experiences, Hubert is proficient in multiple disciplines and writing styles, expressing the hard work, intelligence, and studious diligence needed to excel at any assignment. His ability to self-start, troubleshoot, and strive for constant improvement makes him relentless (and successful) in the face of new challenges.


Caffeine infused, athletically inclined, fitness motivated, sports obsessed, family oriented, faith inspired, punk rock headbanging, book devouring, junk food gorging, comic book geek-ing, avid writer blessed and thankful for each day.


Indiana University-Bloomington

Hubert used his time on IU's Bloomington campus to explore his diverse interests, seeking opportunities that excited the diverse, well-rounded person inside him that he sought to become.


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Sports have always been a driving force in Hubert's life. A multiple-sport athlete and coach for over 20 years, Hubert uses this knowledge to pursue sports journalism, writing pieces that look at "non-traditional" sporting activities and highlighting the unique stories of the athletes behind the games. Hubert believes in finding the human connections that go beyond the games we play.


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Hubert loves to have fun. While entertainment is an important industry, it is centered entirely on providing fun. His stories try to reflect the importance entertainment has on our lives, yet maintain the essence of "fun."


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Throughout college, Hubert worked as both a paid and unpaid political intern for multiple levels of government. Hubert was in-charge of communicating with constituents and drafting press releases for events his helped organize. Hubert's writing experience also includes opinion and news articles.

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Hubert loves writing, but loves life even more. He tries to inject this energy, passion and humor into everything that he does. He takes his job seriously but always tries to find humor and novelty in every project, especially entertainment posts.


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Finding writing empowering from an early age, Hubert has spent more than half his life as a journalist. In addition to writing for several paid newspapers since high school, Hubert has also held positions for online publications, including his most recent as an analyst for a fantasy football website. While not writing himself, Hubert has also worked in junior high schools, high schools, and collegiate settings advising and nurturing young journalists, which helped him improve his own writing indirectly through editing and revisions.

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