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Elizabeth L. is a celebrant and former adjunct professor of English with a background in non-profit administration and customer service. She holds an MA in English with a graduate concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies from Rutgers University. She also holds a BA in English with a minor in Religious Studies from Westminster College. Her professional writing experience includes academic research, literary criticism, grant writing, non-profit copywriting, and copyediting.

In addition to her professional experience, Elizabeth serves on the Executive Board of her local parents of twins organization. She also maintains a personal blog, where she recounts her trials and triumphs as she parents twins and transitions from professional academic to full-time writer.


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Elizabeth L's Newsletter Content Product Experience

3 Projects Completed

Elizabeth has written numerous short project summaries for organizational newsletters. She enjoys the challenge of writing concise copy that is informative and engaging.

Industry Projects

  • Hospitality100+
  • Real Estate50+
  • Education10+
  • Marketing10+
  • Non Profit9
  • Kids/Family8
  • Entertainment6
  • Travel5
  • Women4
  • Spirituality2

Summary of Industry Experience


Elizabeth has extensive experience creating content for a variety of clients within the hospitality industry. She regularly writes blog posts for several luxury hotels and resorts, highlighting local events and area attractions as well as onsite amenities. Elizabeth is especially skilled at matching the tone and style of her client's brand across all content. Elizabeth provides email copy, website content, and blog posts with a consistent voice that matches the vision and brand of each individual client.

Real Estate

Elizabeth writes informative and engaging blog posts for real estate companies. She is adept at writing in the voice of a local resident with insider knowledge, regardless of the target geographical area.


Elizabeth has worked in both early childhood and higher education. She was an adjunct professor of English for Rutgers University and has worked in administrative roles at a prestigious medical school. She has also worked closely with non-profit organizations focused on improving early childhood education. She is comfortable writing with authority for education professionals as well as students and parents.


Elizabeth is the publicity chair for a local non-profit organization. In this role, she maintains the organization's social media accounts and creates all advertisements and announcement copy.

Non Profit

Elizabeth has worked in the non-profit sector for over five years. She has written grant proposals, newsletters, donor letters, annual funding appeals, and web copy.


Elizabeth is a parent of twin toddlers and writes regularly about feminist parenting, the challenges of raising multiples, and raising girls on her personal blog. She currently serves on the Executive Board of her local parents of multiples organization and has written on topics ranging from screen time management to mindful parenting.


Elizabeth has experience writing about current popular culture, celebrities, and creating listicles that stand out in search engine results.


Elizabeth has a passion for traveling and that passion comes through in her travel writing. She enjoys creating content that provides local insights and motivates fellow travelers to get out and explore the world. In addition to travel blogs, Elizabeth has experience writing emails and social media content advertising travel industry promotions.


Elizabeth has a graduate concentration in women's and gender studies. She has written on a variety of issues that impact women including parenting, postpartum body issues, domestic violence, feminist concerns, and beauty.


Elizabeth worked for two years at a non-profit, nondenominational, spiritual meditation retreat center. She has written numerous ceremonies for mixed faith families and is able to write respectfully and accurately about many religious beliefs. Elizabeth has also written extensively on women's spirituality and gender roles within sacred texts.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Facebook Post6
  • Grant/Proposal3
  • Newsletter Content3

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Elizabeth maintains a personal blog that focuses largely on issues relevant her experiences as a mother of twin toddlers. Her blogposts have received awards within the blog community as both community favorites and editor's picks.

Facebook Post

Elizabeth administrates the Facebook page for a non-profit organziation. Additionally, she has written Facebook statuses to coincide with blog posts for individual clients. She is skilled at engaging the Facebook audience and encouraging Facebook users to read, share, and like posted content.


Elizabeth has written grant proposals for non-profit initiatives. She has experience with projects addressing issues related to education, environmental concerns, and trauma recovery.

Newsletter Content

Elizabeth has written numerous short project summaries for organizational newsletters. She enjoys the challenge of writing concise copy that is informative and engaging.

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