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Jessica is an author, writer, and photographer. Her first book, “Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations” (published by Indiana University Press) was published in April 2016.

Her long-term freelance writing has fine-tuned her writing and editing skills--and establishing successful, effective productivity habits enabling her to handle multiple complicated projects with ease.

Not many writers have experience balancing scriptwriting with other copywriting tasks but Jessica's accumulated experience has provided her with a range of expertise.

Jessica's work has appeared in print and online publications worldwide, from magazines like AAA, Indianapolis Monthly, Fort Wayne Magazine, and My College Guide. Her images have been used in everything from a Hebrew gift guide to a Chinese newspaper.

Jessica is adept at tracking down the best story for the target audience.


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Jessica N's Blog Post Product Experience

1,000 Projects Completed

Created a variety of posts across a range of fields, from short 400 words posts to massive 2,000 word articles.

Industry Projects

  • Education100+
  • Garden100+
  • Travel100+
  • Manufacturing100+
  • Technology100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Director of Social Media/Head Writer
Edited and wrote blog posts and magazine articles.
Headed team of writers.
Developed and implemented social media updates.
Interviewed college representatives, university staff, and students for content.
Worked with Graphic Designer to create sidebar widget .jpegs.


*Crafted multiple articles pertaining to landscaping and gardening.
*Wrote blog posts on topics like in-ground swimming pools and landscaping.


Published and edited articles for the website, state tourism website, newspapers, and magazines as requested.
Oversaw seasonal team of writers.
Presented to large and small groups regarding travel and community.


*Wrote articles that ranged from website "about me" and other similar pages for manufacturing professionals to blog posts on topics from facility manager's guide to HVAC to magnetic particle inspection.


Handed variety of technology articles dealing with Android technology, plus cell phone apps, accessories, tips and tricks.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Created a variety of posts across a range of fields, from short 400 words posts to massive 2,000 word articles.

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