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Colin has extensive writing experience in academia. He has studied Philosophy, Public Policy, Business, and Geography. In each of these subjects Colin has written long and short pieces designed to explain a variety of issues. His writing is accurate and his style is lucid. Besides writing for academic purposes, Colin enjoys writing screenplays, ad-campaigns (copy), and jokes.


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Many philosophical texts require the same logical structure as legal texts do. In fact a large portion of modern philosophy is geared towards analyzing legal matters. As a result Colin's training in the study of Philosophy has prepared him well to take on various legal writing pieces. He has the ability to write concisely, accurately, and logically.


He has experience writing opinion pieces and editorials. Mainly concerned with modern issues, Colin has applied ethical principles from Philosophy's most prominent writers in order to analyze ethical issues present in society today.


Colin has experience writing about epistemological ideas through the study of philosophy. Epistemology is concerned with the nature of knowledge. Broadly defined as "The Theory of Knowledge," epistemology begs the questions: How can we gain knowledge? and What does it mean to have knowledge? These questions (and their documented responses) involve an element of spirituality with implications in religions such as Catholicism and ideas such as Agnosticism.


Colin is trained in writing philosophical pieces. These require concise argumentation and logic. Many things Colin writes are postulations of free thought backed up by textual evidence. Analysis is also a skill Colin has developed through his studies.

As a writer, Colin's strengths include logical structure, accurate representation (of thought), and lucid style.

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