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Frank J is a highly adaptable content writer & copywriter with notable expertise in the technology and software genres. While he is the best choice for a technology writer on Writer Access, he also possesses the research ability necessary to deliver astounding content on just about any topic.


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In his work and personal life, Frank has used all kinds of different software. He's learned how to go beneath the limitations of the OS to discover and fix underlying problems. Through this, Frank has gained a certain expertise and knowledge from which to draw from that allows him to invent new and exciting content within the software niche.


Frank has a deep fascination with technology associated with creative industries like graphic design and video production. He is considered an authority on these subjects and can write from memory on topics within those genres.


Frank has worked with a few legal blogs and helped them develop content pertaining to their individual fields within the legal profession. Due to his keen research abilities any legal fields and topics are fair game for content creation. Frank's primary past experiences have revolved around debt, bankruptcy and personal injury legal blogs.

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