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Challenging material in healthcare, the sciences, and emerging technologies is Dave's specialty which he translates to clear and audience-appropriate articles. He has well over 1000 articles sold, and also produces engaging product descriptions, blog posts and white papers.


Customers tend to make recurring requests for content including articles, blog posts, and whitepapers on technical, scientific, and healthcare topics. These are my specialties, based on a combination of industry experience in technical and scientific capacities and ongoing curiosity that makes research a pleasure.


Media production, travel to Europe and Asia, languages, international literature, technology applications/STEM education.


Harvard University

Focused on literature and language, from English Romantic poetry to Goethe and Archaic Greek classics. Studied 20th century literary criticism. Though my career was already in progress, studied computer science as well.


612 Projects Completed

Actively creating innovative solutions for multinational companies and startups, Dave is not only a skilled engineer and researcher, but also a teacher. Bringing technology to children and seniors, he makes any topic accessible and usable, from cloud computing and services to 3D printing and robotics. His practical experience makes his work personal and relevant to readers who want to put it to use or learn? about the state of the art.


50 Projects Completed

SMB company leadership is becoming aware of what's at stake for their organization should a cybersecurity event occur. Information blog posts and white papers that I produce help clients attempting to capture SMB customers by offering valuable and shareable texts that are easily readable by time-sensitive C-level executives.


30 Projects Completed

From his involvement in the Harvard medical community, Dave has developed a keen interest in leading edge clinical and research developments which he excels at presenting to readers with diverse backgrounds. His background in IT gives him the ability to write about healthcare IT, electronic health records, and mobile technology in the hospital environment.


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Christian and Zen Buddhist background and extensive study in spiritual thought and practices from many cultures helps Dave present spiritual information in an accessible and often life-changing fashion. From relationship issues to the deep-rooted questions of life, Dave provides ways to access spiritual traditions for personal answers and ways to follow a personal path.


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