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Joe D. is a Family Medicine trained physician, who’s worked in private practice intermittently for the past 10 years. In his former life he was also a military physician, and served honorably with the United States Air Force for nearly a decade. In his current private practice he enjoys educating his clientele and taking the time to elucidate complex information related to personal health and fitness, preventive medicine and nutrition. He’s provided a successful weight management program and has lectured at local fitness clubs, hospitals, and schools. He has been recognized as a founding physician to a highly respected health information network providing telemedicine services and is one of its regular contributing members. He provides ongoing medical expertise and health tidbits through his private practice website, and online as a guest contributor and consultant.


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The WellnessFX website welcomed his opinion article on the complexities of weight loss and maintenance. This was posted on their guest post blog online February 13, 2012.


To educate patients regarding common injuries and sources of pain, he developed brief "Pain Insights" as an educational resource that could be downloaded for personal reference.


In an attempt to simplify the complex interplay of calories, activity and intake he prepared an article using the metaphor of a enlarging water balloon being filled at a faucet.

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As webmaster for his own business website he was responsible for the copy as well as the search engine optimization.

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