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Kim N
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San Anselmo, CA
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Kim is a strategic copywriter who specializes in crisp, compelling copy that's reader-centric, actionable, SEO-optimized and on-brand.

Using the principles of consumer psychology combined with 15 years of marketing experience, Kim writes to inspire curiosity, desire and trust. Kim's style can be summed up as "delightfully persuasive."

When taking on a new assignment, Kim quickly grasps who the reader is, what their needs are, and how best to appeal to both. She digs for consumer insights and side benefits of the product or service, then crafts copy that connects with readers in a natural and meaningful way.

Kim is insistent on correct punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

What does Kim bring to the table? All the standards -- relevant degree, industry experience, killer attention to detail and an up-to-date portfolio -- plus:

-- Project management experience. She knows deadlines, details, budgets, and how to prioritize.
-- A strong aesthetic sense. She's been a print & web designer, too.
-- Marketing DNA. She'll explain why differentiation is mightier than the old "crush the competition" approach.
-- Flexibility. She's great with revision requests and is able to take direction.
-- Desire. For getting it right. For making an impact. For breaking the rules to demonstrate conviction.
-- Real world experience. She's hustled in corporate, nonprofit, and small business life and made a living in publishing, education, media, health, retail and hospitality. Kim has a library of knowledge on hand for just about every industry.
-- Virginity. On the other hand, Kim greets every new project as an exciting endeavor full of possibilities. She plays with contrasting ideas and word combinations to coax fresh, stimulating ideas into existence.

Kim is the lead producer for a San Francisco Bay Area advertising & design firm where she wears many hats -- including copywriter, branding specialist and digital campaign strategist. She is conversant in digital marketing (conversion funnels, buying stages, cross-channel marketing and SEO best practices) and has loads of passion for her craft.
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-- Ad campaign conception, taglines, pithy copy, web pages, bios, Facebook Ads
-- Defining buyer personas, developing brand voice, marketing consulting & strategy
-- Freshening up existing copy, SEO-optimizing, branding
-- Press kits, press releases


adventure travel, food & wine, fitness, natural products, alternative medicine, nature, film, languages, publishing


University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Kim completed her BA in Communications with a focus on media studies, French and film. Prior to working professionally, Kim lived on a shoestring in Paris, where she ate croissants, jogged along Seine, and earned francs tutoring English. Writing has always been her favorite source of creative expression.


1 Projects Completed

Client needed web copy that fit with the brief, factual style that would be used for multiple service descriptions throughout the website. Competitors played up emotional factors excessively, whereas this straightforward but warm style presents the facts while promoting trust. SEO-optimized.


1 Projects Completed

Client needed a catchy article to promote executive office suites to Hollywood writers, editors, producers and members of the entertainment industry. Brand voice was male, savvy, hip and professional. Side benefits offered a lot of spice to the piece and played up the theme: "get a lot of work done, feel like a human." SEO-optimized.


1 Projects Completed

The hook, "Get Plants, Not More Filing Cabinets" breaks through the banality of the reader's task (find and hire a file storage company) by stepping into the reader's shoes in a very particular way, and even pokes fun at the company for being passionate about storage solutions. (Thankfully, the client wasn't the least bit insulted.) As expected, competitors fail to make this kind of personalized impact by focusing solely on service and obvious benefits. SEO-optimized.

Press Release

1 Projects Completed

This third-party recap of a Reuters' press release states the facts while succinctly addressing the perennial PR question: "why this, why now"?

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