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Elizabeth is a reliable and versatile writer. In college she gained experience writing academic and news articles in addition to press releases.
She has taken comedy writing classes at Second City and greatly enjoys sketch writing.

Elizabeth has traveled to Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, France, England, and Australia. She also studied abroad in Germany under the Congress-Bundestag Scholarship her junior year of high school. Her roots are in Tennessee and Alabama, but currently lives in Chicago.


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Industry Projects

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  • Politics1

Summary of Industry Experience

Non Profit

She has experience writing press releases for non-profits.


Elizabeth is currently a head writer for a sketch show at Second City, SuperCats. It will be running for 5 weeks starting February 21. It has been an unbelievably fun writing experience for her!


Elizabeth conducted research under a grant about second shift barriers that lower women face when it comes to social movements. In this she completed literature review, conducted interviews, and wrote an amazing, thorough analysis.

Product Projects

  • Advertisement5
  • Brochure3
  • Grant/Proposal1
  • Press Release1

Summary of Product Experience


Elizabeth has worked on several advertisements for non-profits in the Tennessee area.


She additionally has contributed the making of professional, informative, and eye-catching brochures.


While earning her B.A, she applied for a research grant and successfully funded my own research.

Press Release

Elizabeth wrote a press release for Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment (SOCM) for a county-wide workshop.

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