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While Ali lived abroad in China, she joined the Shenzhen University fencing team and traveled the country attending various collegiate tournaments. Being a foreigner on a Chinese fencing team was a unique experience, so she began contributing to a series for American Fencing Magazine called "Postcards from the Strip." She also founded and coached the Osprey Fencing Club at the University of North Florida where she generated an enthusiasm for the quirky sport among the university's student base. She is well versed in all three traditional weapons and is a supporter of the emerging realm of dagger fencing.

In college, Ali found her niche in the world of history and began working for EcoMotion tours, a company offering Segway tours in Florida parks that focus on local history and wildlife. She quickly became a lead guide due to her ability to produce engaging and historically accurate, non-scripted tours. She firmly believes that Florida's real history is far more compelling than the often embellished stories offered by many tour companies in the area. While working in the Florida park system, Ali decided to further her knowledge of local wildlife, and she became a certified Florida naturalist. She assisted the park service and EcoMotion tours in developing audio tours and various wildlife brochures geared towards park patrons.

Additionally, Ali has two years of experience in the mortgage industry working for Atlantic Coast Bank, with a focus on warehouse lending. She has an extensive knowledge of current real estate and mortgage trends and enjoys working in this ever-changing environment. Her knack for analyzing and understanding statistical data provided her with the responsibility for generating readable reports on the industry for the bank's mortgage newsletter. She was also responsible for producing extensive training manuals for her department and for reviewing and editing professional correspondence.


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Ali has spent many years both living and traveling abroad and enjoyed writing about those experiences. The majority of her travel writing has been for the benefit of family and friends, but she also contributed to American Fencing Magazine's "Postcards from the Strip" column. Here, she detailed her adventures of traveling through China via the Shenzhen University fencing team.


Ali worked for an adventure tour company called EcoMotion Tours based in northeast Florida. While working here, Ali led groups of nature and history enthusiasts on guided Segway tours in a number of Florida parks. She quickly moved into the position of lead tour guide and began writing tours for other guides. She also working closely with the state park system to draft informational brochures on local wildlife.


Currently, Ali is pursuing her B.S. in nutrition through the University of North Florida. Her interest in the subject stems from the endless barrage of food and nutrition articles that contain conflicting information in social media. She believes the field of nutritional studies will grow in the coming years as a result of the health crisis the U.S. is currently facing. Ali enjoys freelance writing on the topic of food and nutrition as compliment to her studies.

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