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Let Pam write your SEO and non-SEO web content with flawless precision and creative readability. This professional is also highly experienced in writing product descriptions, landing pages, PR, sales letters, e-books and more. She is a picky editor and proofreader who will go over your written work with a fine-tooth comb to weed out spelling errors, punctuation flaws and other inconsistencies in your project before it hits the Internet or a publishing market.


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Pam P's Music Industry Experience

5 Projects Completed

Pam is a lover of music, specifically rock and roll. She is a self-proclaimed lover of everything Beatles, classic rock, and today's musicians.

Industry Projects

  • Beauty100+
  • Education50+
  • Consumer Goods50+
  • Health50+
  • Nutrition50+
  • Women20+
  • Real Estate20+
  • Food20+
  • Medical20+
  • Home Living20+
  • Entertainment20+
  • Self Help20+
  • Kids/Family10+
  • Music5

Summary of Industry Experience


Pam has written hundreds of articles, PR and web content for the skin care and beauty industry. Many of her written content focused upon anti-aging products focusing upon natural ingredients, in addition to makeups and cosmetic surgery.


As a former educator, Pam has the experience and the writing chops to create lesson plans, curriculum guides, and edit academic reports. Her experience includes writing ELA passages, grammar lessons, and literary reviews.

Consumer Goods

Pam has written scores of pieces to interest readers in various consumable items, from cars to televisions to clothing.


Pam has written hundreds of articles on health, wellness and aging. They range from SEO content to PR to landing pages and more.


Pam knows a thing or two about eating a healthy diet. She can write about losing weight without resorting to fads, eating a nutritionally balanced diet especially in regards to certain diseases such as diabetes, and is also somewhat of a expert in the food allergy field.


Pam has written dozens of articles, blog posts, and sales pages for women's skin care products, sales pages and how-to blog posts.

Real Estate

Pam's interest in real estate is fueled by her buying and selling 4 homes of her own. She writes helpful articles that can add sales volume and leads to realtor's web sites.


Many of Pam's articles and landing pages have been related to food. The topics include dieting, healthy eating, food allergies and holiday planning.


Pam has written articles on a variety of medical topics including diabetes, epilepsy, cosmetic surgery, the Ebola virus, and aging to name just a few.

Home Living

As a homeowner for more than 25 years, Pam can write on just about any home-related subject. She is well-versed in real estate sales, having owned four different homes, and is knowledgable about home staging, mortgages, and things to consider when purchasing a home. She is also interested in home design and furnishings, home repair and cleaning.


Pam has written summaries of television shows using an Excel spreadsheet for a number of clients. She has also written PR for events.

Self Help

Pam is the author behind several articles / blog posts on a self-help web site. She also wrote and edited e-books in this genre.


As a mother of three, Pam understands children and family. She was also a teacher of elementary school children, giving her insight into the minds of children of a variety of ages, from infants on up to high school teenagers.


Pam is a lover of music, specifically rock and roll. She is a self-proclaimed lover of everything Beatles, classic rock, and today's musicians.

Product Projects

  • Press Release100+

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Pam is highly experienced in writing press releases for a variety of companies. She knows how to get the vital who, what, where, why and when written up front and then incorporate the company's highlights and contact information, including a positive quote from a spokesperson or CEO.

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