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Ellen is a creative professional with a variety of industry experience. Before launching her freelance career as a writer and photographer, she marketed the county as an economic development specialist on a public/private partnership team. She has hands-on experience with website layouts, content writing, marketing materials, instructional job aids, and customer service. She currently blogs on photography and marketing topics.


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Ellen's marketing experience comes from creating promotional materials for Indiana County in western Pennsylvania and promotional work for her own freelance projects.

* For the county, she designed the layout and produced content for a new economic development website to give the public/private partnership a cohesive marketing identity. The five affiliate members of the partnership needed equal representation in text and graphics. Major elements of the county's profile, including demographics, industry breakdowns, school systems, history, and live and visit information also needed content. The final site had 27 landing pages, 10 secondary pages, a real estate site selection tool, a media center, and photo and video galleries.
* She also designed and wrote informational trifolds and brochures, created print ads, wrote press releases, and launched the county's first newsletter on economic development.
* She wrote and produced the county's 2013 fourth-quarter newsletter as a freelancer.
* For her own marketing, she chose, built, and created content for a WordPress website, writing text, taking/selecting photos, and blogging on marketing, print advertising, photography, and equine activities.
* She researched and created a media kit with competitive pricing and persuasive language for an annual resource guide.
* She researched and wrote a 4,000 word history and company narrative for a local process improvement organization as a freelancer (NDA prevents naming).


Ellen was the marketing lead for Indiana County in western Pennsylvania for over a year. During her time there, she:

* represented the Indiana County Center for Economics Operations economic development group at tradeshows and conferences
* participated in conversations with community and business groups on issues of local and regional importance
* wrote and designed the content layout for the county's new economic development website
* reported on website statistics at board meetings with county commissioners
* led weekly marketing meetings with staff and guests
* produced county marketing collateral materials
* collaborated on the design of a 10-foot tradeshow kit and supplementary materials

She also attended economic development certification courses and met with other professionals to strategize business and economic development for the county and the region.


Ellen worked for 7 months as a clean room technician on the packaging and assembly of drug trial products, including bottling, labeling, and blister packing, at Fisher Clinical Services in Allentown, Pa. She then joined a Client Services team for two years at Fisher that managed the packaging projects for specific customers. While on the team, Ellen:

* revised existing and generated new client-specific operating procedures
* formatted existing and created new instructional job aids
* produced both weekly and quarterly meeting minutes/agendas for the team
* formatted and maintained over 80 pages of client-specific text and graphics for clarity and conformity
* acted as internal and external liaison
* executed project management tasks
* practiced process improvement techniques
* provided support to the clinical packaging project management team

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