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Vanessa is a talented professional freelance writer who has won 2 awards for Creative Writing. She has been writing professionally for 3 years and currently writes her own blog.

In addition to her freelance work, Vanessa has a position as a staff writer on a consumer finance-oriented web site and writes approximately 15 to 20 articles per week. She takes pride in being able to communicate complex ideas in a simple manner and spends most of her free time reading, researching and improving her skills as an author.

Vanessa has earned an Associates Degree in Web Graphic Design with honors from DeVry University, and has designed several high-quality web sites.

Vanessa's personal philosophy: "In all things there is a balance. The most successful people balance responsibility with pleasure, security with freedom, and maturity with frivolity."


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  • Politics50+
  • Finance20+
  • Consumer Goods10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Vanessa is a frequent contributing author to blogs, political discussion forums and politically-oriented web sites. Her work in the political arena is mostly limited to press releases and short news articles. However, she is also quite adept at explaining her view of current political events and policies.

Vanessa is careful to examine all sides of a topic before taking a position, and presents her opinions in a Rogerian manner. She conducts excellent research and draws her conclusions on the basis of cause and effect rather than political ideology.


Vanessa is a staff writer for a consumer-oriented web site dealing with personal financing, personal income tax, credit and banking issues.

She began this position as a freelance contributor and was later offered a paid staff writing position. Although she has no specific training in finance, Vanessa is able to research nearly any topic and produce accurate, well-written articles.

Consumer Goods

Vanessa writes product descriptions and articles about consumer items, their origins and practical uses. Most of her work in this industry is performed on a freelance basis.

She is presently a preferred contributor to three online consumer products companies, and writes between 1 and 5 short articles per month about consumer goods.

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