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"Ennis has been writing for our website, since May 2014. He is an excellent writer, with some of his key strengths being accuracy, and good communication in regards to his assignments. I would highly recommend Mr. S for any writing jobs he may be applying for.


Joel B.

Ennis continues to write for the "Hot Topics" category of our online ministry; a writing position he has held since October 2013. He submits a 250-word article of encouragement for young Christians, between the ages of 14 and 21.

Rhonda R.

As a member of our ministry since March 2011, Ennis continues to write devotionals, fiction short stories, and testimonies for the online community. His testimony was chosen as one of 40 published in our recent anthology.

Mike E.

Ennis also writes lyrics for his own music, glorifying the Lord through hip hop. In 2014, he wrote and produced his own Christian EP, publishing the work through several online multi media outlets.


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As a husband of 13 years and father of 5 children between the ages of 9 and 22, Ennis writes on relationships from a first-hand perspective. His journey from head strong loner to humble head of household was often riddled by detrimental choices and selfish ambitions, before his conversion to Christianity. As such, Ennis draws heavily from his family dynamic when writing articles and stories alike.


Ennis writes on spirituality by drawing directly from his own experiences as a Pentecostal Christian. Reflecting on his life before and after salvation brings a voice of truth to his articles and testimonies. His conversational tone tends to keep the writing light and easily understood.


Ennis writes articles on Hip Hop music and its influences on the Millennium generation, particularly in the Christian community. Keeping an ear out for the latest artists to take on the genre, Ennis's reviews relay his opinion on style and delivery of lyrics, production influences and overall effectiveness of the message within the music.

Product Projects

  • Book2

Summary of Product Experience


Ennis has written articles under ghost-writing contracts, to be included in upcoming book publications. He is proficient in writing to a client's specific requirements, based on the information provided for the proposed project.
Ennis also writes regularly for several Christian blogs. Depending on his workload, he posts at least two articles weekly.

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