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Erin is a freelance writer who has been writing online since May 2014. When she's not busy writing, she works as a Research Assistant that specializes in Scandinavian emigration. Before she started writing for profit, she worked on an office cleaning crew. She is currently working towards a Bachelor's in English, and hopes one day to get her PhD. She believes that clarity, cleanliness, and authority are the most important aspects of writing, whether for SEO orders or for her personal blog.


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Due to some health issues in her early adolescence, Erin went on to research extensively in the Health and Medical spheres. She now writes for different content sites using her knowledge of sleep disorders, menstrual health, and pediatric health.


Growing up with a huge extended family (108 cousins and growing) has been the best experience for writing about familial relationships that Erin could have hoped for. She frequently was involved in the development and education of her younger relatives, and thus learned the ins and outs of child-based industries such as private and public schooling, pediatric disorders, and causes of tension and stress between kids and the world around them.


Due to the influence of her politics-crazy father, Erin was interested in the inner workings of the American political system at a very young age, and the fascination has never gone away. She generally writes about current political events and controversies that affect the general public, though she has been known to do extensive research on quiet (yet ever-present) issues, such as tort reform and the tax code.

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