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Kyle has experience writing and editing in virtually every medium - web content, targeted email, direct mail, brochures, collateral, print, catalogs, radio/TV, video scripts, news releases, articles, and more.

In addition to freelancing in a virtual environment for agencies and corporations, Kyle has worked as a Marketing Manager, Creative Director, Senior Copywriter,and Marcom Writer. His clients include corporate entities and ad agencies nationwide, in industries as diverse as data storage and analytics, real estate, gaming, hospitality, healthcare, real estate, and food.

Kyle's clients appreciate his ability to do great work on time and within budget and find working with him a pleasure - which is why he has 20+ recommendations on his LinkedIn page.
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Kyle's experience includes web content, targeted email, direct mail, collateral, print, radio/TV, video scripting, white papers, news releases, proposals, and articles.


Interests include fly fishing, camping, hiking, fly tying, reloading, Scouting, reading, and model building.


University of Montana

Kyle's training at UM gave him discipline as a creative and concise writer. He has a healthy respect for deadlines and budgets as well.


599 Projects Completed

In addition to writing and editing content, Kyle has assisted in the creative process for hundreds of marketing efforts - both for corporate entities and ad agencies nationwide.


400 Projects Completed

During the five years at Shepherd's/McGraw-Hill, Kyle opened in excess of 400 direct mail jobs and wrote dozens of annual specialty catalogs. He has since freelanced with LexisNexis on many projects.


400 Projects Completed

Kyle worked for Shepard's/McGraw-Hill for many years, the leader in the legal publishing industry. He opened 400+ direct mail jobs and several specialty catalogs during his tenure, many of which won awards.


78 Projects Completed

Kyle regularly writes web content, newsletter articles, email campaigns, and more for a wide variety of technology companies - including Teradata, IBM, and HP.

High Tech

78 Projects Completed

Kyle has written and edited a variety of projects including web content, targeted email campaigns, white papers, ads and more for clients including Teradata, HP, IBM, Covad, and Novell.


63 Projects Completed

Kyle has written and edited web pages, email campaigns, postcards, and everything in between for a wide variety of businesses.


57 Projects Completed

Kyle has written and edited many ads, websites, and emails promoting software for clients including Teradata, HP, and IBM.

Real Estate

56 Projects Completed

Kyle has contributed his talents to projects for real estate developers and builders in the Las Vegas market, including web content, direct mail, print, and radio/TV.


55 Projects Completed

Kyle's diverse hobbies run the gamut from fly tying to building aircraft models to guitar to reloading to racing vintage HO scale slot cars.

Consumer Goods

46 Projects Completed

Kyle has written for consumer goods manufacturers, from computers to frozen yogurt to kayaks. In addition to the sample here, he has written several catalogs involving upscale food items, brand-specific automotive accessories, and gifts.


43 Projects Completed

Kyle has worked closely with numerous real estate developers and builders in the Las Vegas market, doing everything from naming subdivisions to brochures, web content, and print ads and media spots.


43 Projects Completed

As the Marketing Coordinator for Rocky Mountain Motorworks, Kyle gained a working knowledge of the automotive and parts business. Since then he has written and produced marketing materials for several auto dealerships in Las Vegas, including radio/TV and print. Samples available upon request.


43 Projects Completed

As Writer/Producer for DRGM Las Vegas and later as a freelancer, Kyle developed marketing materials for many leading hospitality corporations, including Hyatt, Lake Las Vegas, and more. Samples available upon request.


43 Projects Completed

Kyle's philosophy of radio/TV script writing dictates that if you can make 'em laugh, you can make 'em buy. Several of his radio spots have won awards in this category and it's one of his favorite types of projects.


43 Projects Completed

As Writer/Producer for DRGM Las Vegas, Kyle worked with leading gaming and hospitality entities, producing everything from ceiling danglers to web content to direct mail and print. As a freelancer, Kyle continued to serve many of these gaming and hospitality establishments.


39 Projects Completed

Living in the Potato Capitol of the Free World for over two decades, one naturally gets to work with various agricultural companies - around here, most notably Simplot.


25 Projects Completed

Kyle has worked with entertainment and gaming entities in Las Vegas, producing everything from news releases to website content and radio/TV. He has done extensive work in the area of hospitality as well as gaming for major resorts. The sample here is a news release for a charity event at the London Playboy Club.

Non Profit

25 Projects Completed

Kyle regularly contributes articles in support of the local Boy Scout Troop to local publications. In addition, he has done actual paying jobs for non-profit entities in Las Vegas and California.


24 Projects Completed

Kyle often writes and edits annual reports and RFPs for several clients in the healthcare industry. The sample here is an article about a fertility clinic. Kyle has also worked on annual reports, proposals, and other assignments for several ambulance companies.


12 Projects Completed

As a lifelong fisherman, hunter, Boy Scout leader, and all-around outdoor enthusiast, Kyle has written marketing content for guide services and other outdoor-related entities. His knowledge in this area is significant.


10 Projects Completed

Kyle has written content for several food industry entities, including the"Simplot From the West" Catalog.


1 Projects Completed

As the Public Relations Chair for the local Boy Scout Troop, Kyle regularly writes pro bono articles for local publications on Scout activities, including service projects and Scouting for Food. This year marks his eleventh year of volunteering for Scouting for Food.


0 Projects Completed

Kyle has played music in one form or another since he was four years old. Instruments include guitar, bass, and viola. He has performed in numerous bands ranging from folk duos to praise bands to full-blown rock groups.


0 Projects Completed

Kyle wrote and edited online curriculum for PCS Edventures, as well as performing a wide variety of marketing functions. This pioneering project offered students hands-on projects in subjects from environmental science to architecture designed to enrich their academic experience and add depth to their understanding.


318 Projects Completed

Kyle writes ads for clients ranging from high tech to tourism and everything in between. This series of ads was a joy to create, and Kyle provided the client with a variety of headline choices - something he normally does.

Radio Spot

217 Projects Completed

Kyle has written a veritable mountain of radio spots, for car dealers, real estate developers, casinos, and everything in between. Writing for the "theater of the mind" offers many challenges, and he loves every one of them.


128 Projects Completed

Kyle routinely writes brochures for all manner of clients, from IBM to real estate developers and everything in between.

Web Page

120 Projects Completed

Kyle writes web content for a wide variety of clients in many industries nationwide. This sample is one of hundreds I have written for a high-tech client.

Product Description

104 Projects Completed

Kyle writes a wide variety of materials that describe products both simple and sophisticated. The sample included here is for a family of data storage and analytics platforms designed to meet the needs of various sized businesses.

Newsletter Content

84 Projects Completed

Kyle routinely writes newsletter content for clients in industries as diverse as high tech, real estate, gaming, and hospitality.

Email Copy

83 Projects Completed

Let's face it, direct mail has gone the way of the buffalo and has been replaced by email. Kyle routinely writes scads of targeted email campaigns for a variety of clients.

Press Release

78 Projects Completed

Kyle has written bazillions of press releases for a wide variety of clients, from the Boy Scouts to software companies to gaming corporations.


45 Projects Completed

Kyle writes articles for corporate newsletters, outdoor periodicals, and local publications of every stripe. His Master of Arts in Journalism prepared him well for this.

White Paper

40 Projects Completed

Kyle has written and edited a wide variety of white papers, primarily for high tech clients. This sample required him to take technical material and make it appeal to a wide variety of C-level executives.


38 Projects Completed

As a Senior Copywriter with Shepard's/McGraw-Hill for five years and afterward as a freelancer, Kyle has written and edited reams of catalog copy. It's a great way to keep one's skills sharp by maximizing the impact in a small space.

Data Sheet

24 Projects Completed

In addition to marketing materials, Kyle writes data sheets for his high tech clients. The sample included here is for a unique product from Teradata.

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