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Cherie is currently a writer and editor of three books. She has written a weekly blog on faith and spirituality, intertwined with current events, and frequently reviews books. Also a certified spiritual director, she has spent the last twenty years studying church history, doctrine, spirituality and theology. Utilizing her blog and social media, she has increased sales in her business by optimizing her online presence. She started out as a legal assistant spending much of her time composing and editing documents, as well as managing the office. Cherie then diversified and switched to the restaurant industry, working in the family cafe to oversee the operation of the wait staff, payroll, and cash handling.


Cherie currently does freelance writing. She maintained a blog based on spirituality, faith, growing in holiness, bible studies and all aspects of the Christian faith. She has helped lead over thirty retreats for both teens and adults. In addition, she maintains a blog about parenting children with reactive attachment disorder, sharing her first hand experiences. Her past background as a legal assistant and restaurant owner has given her a broad knowledge of several fields..


She is a wife and mother and has read extensively about parenting techniques, growing intimacy in marriage, and factors which lead to divorce. Cherie is an avid gardener, specializing in perennials, and has also studied nutrition and the toxic effects of sugar on health. A dog owner, Cherie owns two Yorkshire Terriers and is familiar with training dogs.


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Cherie is currently the owner of a Catholic book store, a writer and editor of three books. She has written over 100 articles for her weekly blog on faith and spirituality, intertwined with current events, and frequently reviews books. Her topics include listening to God, spiritual and emotional growth, being a child of God, forgiveness and mercy, spiritual blindness, and surrender. In addition she writes about apologetics, sacramentals, prayer, Mary and the saints, the seven deadly sins, the sacraments, gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, ordination of women and other teachings of the Christian Church. Cherie is proficient in researching a subject, analyzing and condensing information into a simpler format for the reader.


3 Projects Completed

Cherie was a legal assistant for for twelve years and worked both for a sole practitioner and a large local law firm. Her responsibilities included composing and editing correspondence, motions, briefs, contracts, and preparation of all documents relating to mortgage loans, real estate closings, wills, living trusts, probate, personal injury, criminal proceedings and civil suits. As a real estate paralegal, Cherie reviewed surveys, termite inspections and title searches, and disbursed funds to lenders, sellers, realtors, county tax offices and all expenses relating to the closing.


2 Projects Completed

Cherie has family members that suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome and reactive attachment syndrome. Wanting to offer helpful tips to parents, she started a parenting blog. She has two grown children of her own and helped raise a foster daughter, and has studied extensively the connection between trauma and depression and anxiety.


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