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Kelly has experience with dry writing - whether it was reviewing and revising a financial audit or a creating marketing copy for a dry Chardonnay. Kelly created a brochure for a small law firm and helped with a Master's thesis in Construction Management. Kelly likes to think of herself as a "jack of all trades" without the "master of none" when it comes to writing.


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Working moms, meals on the go, crazy kids...I've written, and lived, it all.

Industry Projects

  • Kids/Family20+
  • Legal10+
  • Marketing7
  • Finance7

Summary of Industry Experience


Working moms, meals on the go, crazy kids...I've written, and lived, it all.


Kelly has experience revising purchase agreements, leases, and many other legal documents, and the experience has given her a base of legal terminology that is essential for legal document drafting.


Kelly created a marketing brochure for a practice group at a law firm, which was used at trade shows and with potential clients. Kelly also assisted in creating copy for the firm's website.


Kelly was a financial proofreader for over two years, which involved editing and proofreading complex financial audits and marketing copy for a financial audience.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Web Page50+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

I've written everything from blog posts about bullying to veteran's services. The majority of my experience is in legal blogging for law firms and companies addressing legal implications in their industry, but I also have numerous examples of "mommy" blog posts. I also write my own blog, which is primarily humor (at least I like to think so).

Web Page

Besides creating my own website, I've written web pages for 33 WriterAccess clients and multiple outside clients.

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