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Erin B., an award-winning journalist and freelance author, is a Renaissance woman with a thirst to tackle diverse subjects. After serving a term in the US Army as an Arabic interrogator, she graduated with highest honors in English from the California State University, Sacramento and worked as an ESL instructor. Her hunger for knowledge led her to travel extensively throughout Europe, and she has been employed in both Germany and France. Her feature articles for her university newspaper won multiple awards and she has worked for the government as well as in the IT industry. Her years of experience drafting government research papers, training manuals, and updating websites; as well as her numerous academic awards in the maths and sciences, make her an excellent candidate to write about a variety of topics. She writes a popular blog that covers many subjects, including health, humor, and parenting.


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From award-winning articles in her university newspaper to humorous stories on her popular weekly blog, Erin B. brings a smile to many faces with her hilarious tales about the trials and tribulations of relationships and parenting. Her relatable, warts-and-all style has amassed a growing number of fans.


Erin B. is a self-taught food and nutrition expert, having not only sampled cuisines across the globe, but also having experimented with every diet from hardcore vegan to ancient Paleo. Quick to get her hands on every medical study and nutritional theory that hits the presses, she has managed to maintain a weight loss of over eighty pounds and transform herself from a sedentary slacker to a heath and yoga enthusiast. Coming from a family riddled with Type II diabetes and given an 80% genetic probability of obesity, Erin B. believes in our power to control our physical destiny, and loves to learn and write about health, fitness, nutrition, and any other aspect of our well-being.


Erin B. has written many articles about beauty, fashion, and personal care products on her personal blog. A lifelong interest in fashion led her to devour an embarrassing amount of beauty magazines, color books, and television shows aimed at improving the nation's collective fashion IQ. Having worked in military intelligence for the US Army, her own personal expression was stifled by strict uniform codes until she completed her service... Now, her Pinterest color, beauty, and trend boards have earned hundreds of avid followers.

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