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Debbie has written online content for the past 5yrs. She is proficient in SEO, and a skilled researcher. Her eclectic personality allows her to take interest in multiple subjects, and deliver quality content to her clients.


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Industry Projects

  • Construction100+
  • Garden50+
  • Relationships50+
  • Medical20+
  • Health20+
  • Electronics20+
  • High Tech10+
  • Fitness10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Debbie has written over 100 articles in the home improvement and repairs industry. She has spent 15 years working in the home improvement and remodeling industry.


Debbie has contributed gardening content on several platforms. She takes interest in the beauty around her and strives to share that beauty with others.


Debbie holds a Master's Degree in Psychology. She opened a crisis counseling center in 1996, and ran the center as a Director for over 2 years before moving on to another career.


Debbie is a professional researcher and is highly interested in the medical industry. There is a family history of medical problems, and she strives to find the latest medical breakthroughs.


Debbie has always been interested in the health industry. She has written several articles in relation to personal health and wellness.


Debbie is Microsoft certified and is a gadget enthusiast. She has written content on computer technology, electrical wiring, and repairs on home appliances.

High Tech

Debbie has written technology articles for clients, and in her own quest after crashing her own computer. She is now Microsoft certified and very interested in the latest technology.


Debbie takes a keen interest in fitness. Her family has a history of diabetes, and she strives to stay healthy while teaching others through writing how to stay fit in an unfit society.

Product Projects

  • Article500+

Summary of Product Experience


Debbie has written articles covering a vast array of topics. Focus is on reliable and relevant information with the use of SEO tactics.

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