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Jennifer is a writer who specializes in writing about crafting, sewing, quilting, home education, and family matters. She is also enthusiastic to take on any other projects that are interesting to her. She welcomes any challenge with open arms. She has been blogging for the last three years, and really enjoys that style of writing.
She also has content writing experience and has been writing SEO content for webpages for the past few months. She has written for a sword and armory website, created content for a jewelry site, and written an article on home decor, among many other things. She follows directions well and will do her very best to meet or exceed each client's expectations.


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Industry Projects

  • Kids/Family2
  • Green Living1

Summary of Industry Experience


Jennifer has written content for sites where families and mothers are the target audience. It takes one to know one, and Jennifer has four little ones at home. She understands how hard it is to maintain balance between work, family, and personal interests. She has been married for seven years and works hard to keep her marriage alive and thriving. Her articles on family and home life focus on overcoming challenges with a positive attitude while appealing to family and women's interests specifically.

Green Living

Jennifer worked on a project creating a blog post for a green website. This post included writing about safer, green alternatives to chemicals in your home, and why you shouldn't use conventional cleaning products. She did research regarding chemical content in typical cleaners, and included her own experience using green cleaners in her own home.

Product Projects

  • Product Description2

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Jennifer has written product descriptions for at least 50 products over the course of two projects. Using specific tone and keywords in the descriptions, she made sure to stay within a certain word count to keep the projects on budget. She did her own research regarding industry specific verbiage and style.

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