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Dane O. is an educated writer with a degree in social and industrial-organizational psychology. He also studied graphic design, public relations, and marketing. In the process, he learned to write effective, concise press releases for a variety of businesses, people, and events. He is near completion on a masters degree in anthropology with a focus on biological archaeology and early hominids.

Dane O. has an eclectic, varied background and skill set. For three years, he was a journalist for a regional newspaper and wrote a weekly lifestyles column on sensitive and controversial topics, such as atheism, marriage equality, and birth control laws. Dane worked in management and administration for both government and private contractors, and also as the field and laboratory assistant to an archaeologist.

For the past year, Dane has been doing freelance graphic and web design, and also working as a freelance writer. He has written a wide range of topics including addiction and recovery, popular science, book and film reviews, real estate law, product and business descriptions, marketing and branding strategies, and writing and career guides.
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Dane excels at writing technical or analytic pieces and articles involving much research. Some of his favorite subjects to write about include:

Anthropology & archaeology
Early hominids
Books & film
Career development
Travel & tourism
Business models
Social media
Health & wellness
Interior design
Marketing & promotion
Creative writing
Bizarre & interesting facts


Dane enjoys traveling; reading (mostly non-fiction and classic literature); cooking; independent research and study; learning about marketing, promotion, and SEO; web design; coffee shops; and live music. In his spare time, Dane can usually be found, coffee in hand, at a bookstore, enjoying a sunny day at the park, with friends at wineries and vineyards, walking down picturesque streets in quaint towns, or among ancient ruins looking closely at a pot sherd with a big grin on his face.


University of Mississippi

At the University of Mississippi, Dane has studied anthropology and archaeology with a particular focus on Southwestern American pre-Colombian civilizations and early hominids. Dane has written extensive research papers on the dental and anatomical morphology of primates and hominids, gene flow and migration studies, and features of pro-Colombian Native American urbanization and architecture.

Shepherd University

Dane O. attended Shepherd University in where he majored in social and industrial-organizational psychology. For his college thesis project, he conducted research using human subjects on impression formation based on facial features. His minor studies were graphic design and public relations with additional coursework in business, biology, marketing, creative writing, and journalism. Dane was briefly a fine arts major too, which provided him the opportunity to learn more about art history and to refine his skill as an artist. He graduated cum laude in 2010.

Consumer Goods

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Dane has provided numerous product reviews and in-depth descriptions with the purpose of boosting sales without sounding overtly like an advertisement. He has done research on products for each of the pieces by gaining firsthand consumer experience using the products or services as well as conducting additional research.


5 Projects Completed

Dane has an educational background in fine arts and media, which has give him a keen artistic eye and an attention to detail. He's written reviews of books, movies, musical artists and groups, works and collections of art, and even digital media like websites and advertising. Dane's reviews are concise, objective, yet also constructive. When writing a review, Dane tries to point out strengths of a piece in addition to ways the piece could have been improved.


4 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Dane was a field and laboratory assistant to an archaeologist for about two years. During that time he assisted in the excavation and classification of various sites and artifacts, as well as spending much time analyzing those findings in an archaeology laboratory. Dane worked closely with his mentor, who provided him with invaluable tutelage and helped Dane get hands-on experience in the field of archaeology.


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Dane is proficient at developing and implementing marketing strategies that can be applied to an array of businesses and industries. Having studied marketing both in an academic environment and independently, Dane excels at identifying ways to give businesses a competitive edge and boost performance by creating both short and long-term goals. His strategies are innovative, effective, and frequently involve creative, outside-the-box solutions.


1 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Dane worked for a government agency as an administration and office manager. His work centered around scheduling and travel arrangements for his supervisor, being a resource for clients, handling all incoming correspondence, and being on-call most of the time for any side projects and research that would come up.

Product Description

4 Projects Completed

Dane has written many product descriptions for an array of products and services. Recently, he has written about mobile technology, computers, software, vehicles, jewelry, and many other products. Dane prefers to write objectively, highlighting reasons why someone would want to buy the product, and always ways the product could be improved.

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