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As a teacher and student, Janet has a long career in academia. As an adult student, she has earned high praise for her writing ability. She produced a wide range of work from book reviews to historical research papers.

As a teacher, she routinely teaches students to structure their writing to maximize organization and incorporate research. Janet has an eye for detail and is able to provide high-quality feedback. She possesses excellent editing skills.


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Janet A's Legal Industry Experience

16 Projects Completed

As a student of the constitution, Janet's interest in the legal field is intense. Her writing expertise includes topics involving legal concepts and their application.

Industry Projects

  • Health100+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Construction100+
  • Home Living20+
  • Education20+
  • Legal10+
  • Kids/Family10+
  • Food8
  • Green Living3
  • Women1
  • Government0
  • Hospitality0

Summary of Industry Experience


Janet enjoys writing articles and blog posts in the health field. She has written informative pieces for dental offices and women's sites. Her recent topics have included the benefits of a long-term relationship with a dentist, ways to diminish the effects of seasonal allergies, and the link between the development of Alzheimer's disease and the link to gray matter of the brain. Janet understands the importance of preventative medicine and nutrition to avoid later, larger health problems.

Real Estate

Janet isn't a realtor, but she plays one on Writer Access! Actually, real estate and realty topics have been a long time interest of hers. She has written projects here including neighborhood summaries, blog posts for realtors, and scripts for realty webinars.


Janet began her professional career in a general contractor's office. The contractor's specialty was disaster and insurance reconstruction. Janet assisted in all facets of the office and learned about the industry directly from the owner himself. She worked to secure payment from insurance companies, assisted field workers, worked with clients, and processed bills. Later in college, she studied regional economics applying what she had learned in the contractor's office to her study of urban economics.

Home Living

Janet has written several articles on home living including effective use of lighting in landscaping and lawn care.


Janet recently published an article about the incorporation of technology in the middle school social studies classroom.


As a student of the constitution, Janet's interest in the legal field is intense. Her writing expertise includes topics involving legal concepts and their application.


Janet maintained a personal blog for three years. She was sponsored by BlogHer, a woman's web community, and received payment for her blog based on page views. Janet wrote about parenting her young son through seizures and food allergies and life in a bi-racial family.


Janet's been devoted to food most of her life. Aside from a brief stint of childhood pickiness, she enjoys trying new recipes and coming up with various way to trick her child into eating more vegetables.

She is most interested in all aspects of organic food. As a mom of a child with multiple, severe food allergies, the type of food she feeds her family has become more of a concern than she ever imagined it would be.

Green Living

Within her own home, Janet works to live as sustainably as possible. From cleaning products to the food chosen for dinner, Janet's primary concern is how her choices affect the environment.


While hosting her personal blog, BlogHer invited Janet to submit a book review for Sapphire's novel, The Kid. BlogHer had specific parameters regarding length, but she was free to express my like or dislike of the novel.


Janet's first political science course in undergrad hooked her on the study of the constitution and our government. Throughout her academic career, Janet's passion has focused on teaching and learning about various aspects of our government.


Janet spent six years working in an event planning office. She assisted the planners who handled all aspects of meetings of up to 500 attendees. Janet began as a receptionist but worked up to handling all of the onsite IT needs in addition to assisting the planners. In the early days of Microsoft Access, Janet wrote a program that they internally called Program Profiles which handled all of the office business including registering program attendees, tracking expenses, and recording client contact and information.

As an educator, Janet's expertise in event planning has paid off. She organizes several internal events each year from National Junior Honor Society inductions to the yearly graduation ceremony. She also plans and executes a yearly class trip for her students with budgets upwards of $50K. She understands what needs to be done every step of the way to host a successful event.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Press Release100+
  • Article100+
  • White Paper4

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Janet is a skilled blog post writer. She enjoys crafting informative posts on a wide range of topics. Her recent work includes titles from the health, construction, automotive, and educational industries.

Press Release

Janet excels at writing professional press releases. She understands that due to the short nature of a press release, every word must have value and make an impact on the reader.


Janet excels at writing articles on a wide variety of topics. Some of her favorites are about food, home living, health and wellness, education, and family.

White Paper

She enjoys working on white papers for clients, finding the research involved intriguing, much like the papers she wrote in grad school. Janet's first formal white paper focused on the Indianapolis Mayoral Digital Archive project at her Alma Mater, written at the invitation of the graduate history department.

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