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As you can see she does not have a whole lot of experience with professional writing--yet! However, she will do her best to accomplish any writing project put in front of her, and is determined to become better at writing with each article written!

She likes to write advertisements (as she worked in retail sales for over 12 years). She does very well in product description. She can do commentaries very well. She is also not afraid to do research and tackle a new task that she has not attempted before. She thrives on constantly learning new things!


She is very well spoken in the things of fashion, and sales. She specializes in entrepreneurship. She will try anything within good morals at least once. She likes to play sports, and sometimes talk about them, but hates to watch them on television.


Child Rearing
DIY Projects.


Pensacola Christian College

She did well in her studies. She has a passion for children. Although she did not complete a degree that has not stopped her from excelling in other areas.


1 Projects Completed

She has successfully written about beauty products. Not only has she been using various beauty products for over ten years, but she also has a vast knowledge about these products. She uses descriptive, as well as informative words about the products she writes about. Whether it is a review, a product description, or a sales piece; she creates well written pieces.


1 Projects Completed

She particularly enjoys writing about items in the fashion category. She thrives in this area because it is something she loves. She loves to wear the fashion. She loves to buy the fashion. More importantly she loves to talk about the fashion. There is really nothing about fashion that she doesn't love!


1 Projects Completed

She particularly enjoys writing about items in the children and family categories. She is passionate about this category as she has children and a growing family of her own. She is learning more each day about this category. As her children grow, she grows in knowledge and wisdom on these subjects.


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