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Kay is a freelance writer beginning her career in New York. Starting her writing young, she wrote for various charitable organizations covering events in her hometown in California. In school she studied journalism covering mainly entertainment events held in her community and on her campus. Once in New York Kay began writing as an intern for IMLIT.com, a digital magazine. She covered events in the city and Long Island getting hands on experience. Kay then started ghostwriting for various sites connected to MCD on news nationally and locally. On the side she writes in a personal blog about her travels across the country.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Kay wrote for a digital magazine reporting on pop culture and events in New York City and the Hamptons. Attended social events, concerts, releases ect. Along with writing, work included organizing events and interviewing attendees and other important social figures. Much of the content included in said articles were self attained.


Kay has always been a proud advocate of medical cannabis and the end of prohibition. She has researched the changes in laws and social outlook on the plant from history to present, attending marches and events for the movement. Kay has written for CCI MCN and MD on the topic of political influence and changes for medical marijuana nationwide.


Kay has written press releases for multiple artists including Chris Webby, Childish Gambino and Ace. She attends most of the events she writes about for a personal perspective and hopeful interviews.Kay has also released reviews for singles and full albums including Nicki Minaj and Jaden Smith.


Coming from a feminist up bringing Kay always found it important to stand for equal rights. Kay has used her writing to raise breast cancer awareness, to bring attention to progressive movements in the UN and governments, and applauding figures of influences for standing up.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Kay has written press releases for concerts, album releases, and classes. Her first release was for Chris Webby's album release in New York. Following that she was hired by CCI to write press releases for their upcoming classes and other news.

Facebook Post

Kay has run social networks, including Facebook, for multiple businesses. She first started working for Delgado Protocol posting events and news in their industry. She also runs her own page promoting her brand with news, personal testimonies and entertainment relevant to her industry. Kay also worked for Kim Keever as a social networker posting his galleries, biographies and grant letters.

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