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Dee P. has written professionally since the 1990s, in such fields as archaeology, health and fitness, nutrition and cooking, real estate, animal care and welfare, visual and performing arts, investing, education, and behavior modification.

Dee writes newsletters, blog posts, fundraising or sales letters, feature articles and product or service reviews that get positive, measurable results. She writes Facebook and Twitter posts that keep followers engaged. See produces technical reports, white papers, and summaries that make complex information reader-friendly and clear. Dee's letters, brochures, catalogs and annual reports inform and enlighten while being friendly and persuasive.


Dee specializes in an accessible, friendly style, and can make complex material reader-friendly. Dee enjoys writing marketing copy, marketing content, fundraising appeals, blogs, reviews, interviews, profiles and features. Dee is also experienced in writing researched reports, white papers, summaries, newsletters, social media posts, and damage-control pieces.


Dee loves animals and works with a variety of animal welfare and rescue organizations. Dee is a fitness enthusiast, clean eating evangelist, and paradoxically, makes amazing brownies. She loves to travel and explore culture, history and cuisine. Dee studies biology, environment science, and health and wellness issues as special interests. She has run out of room for more book shelves.


Fort Lewis College

Dee graduated with a BA, highest honors with a major in English/communications and a minor in anthropology with a focus on archaeology. She also studies life sciences and environment science.

Queens University of Charlotte

Dee earned undergraduate degrees in anthropology and English, graduating summa cum laude. She earned an MFA in Nonfiction Writing in 2004.


51 Projects Completed

Dee P. has worked in higher education for more than 20 years. All of her positions have focused on connecting with K-12 educators to help improve student retention and help students transition to college. She has created and directed programs that increase access to education for underrepresented students, support learning skills in underprepared students, and support persistence in college students so that they make it to graduation. Her programs have earned recognition for innovative and effective approaches to student success. Dee has also taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate classes in writing, communication, study skills, job search skills, and anthrozoology.


35 Projects Completed

Dee P. is lifelong animal lover and animal welfare proponent. She developed and taught a year-long series of university-level classes called Two-Legged and Four-Legged: Exploring Human Relationships with Animals that explored issues around companion animals, wild animals, captive animals, and animals used for food, clothing, and research. She earned a certificate in Animal Behavior and Welfare and works with several animal rescue groups. She has trained and shown Arabian horses, raised calves and piglets, and shared her home with many rescued dogs, cats, rabbits, and fish.


1 Projects Completed

Dee P. went to aerobics classes with her mom when she was a teenager, and has been working out ever since. She practiced Tae Kwan Do, winning her class in both forms and fighting. She is an avid hiker, weightlifter, and a fan of plyometrics. She found that pole dancing is surprisingly good for upper body strength and confidence, and it's a lot of fun. She enjoys helping women of a certain age get past their fears and enjoy the weight room. Dee preaches the gospel of clean eating and exercise to stay fit and healthy for a lifetime.


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