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Danielle has extensive experience in many different forms of writing, such as user documentation, product reviews, travel blogs, and How-to guides. She has written on varying topics including technology, archery, writing, pets, medicine, and many others. She is thorough in her work and is determined to give her customers the best she has to offer.


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Summary of Industry Experience


She has written several game reviews and brief histories of these games. These games include video games, card games, and games more like sports. Some of what she has written include chess, blackjack, archery, and video games.


Danielle has written various articles about pets. She has written about cat behavior, as well as good practices to train dogs, specifically Rottweilers. She enjoys writing about pets because she has personal experience working with many different types of animals, including birds, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and mice.


She has written about mediation between loved ones in families through the process of compromise. She has also written about the well-being of relationships and how to maintain good relationships.

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