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Denise is an effective manager/communicator with a proven track record in the development and implementation of all different types of marketing materials. Avery Dennison, Epson America, and Riege International Software are a few of the companies Denise has completed work for.

Denise's strengths include critical thinking, attention to detail, consistency and connecting the dots when working on multiple sheets or pages to ensure there are not mixed messages being communicated. She also has a keen ability to see things how an end user/customer would read things. A strong speller, fast reader and proofreader, Denise seems to find small errors in books or marketing materials she reads and would like to put that skill to work. She has some knowledge of SEO in creating keywords for specific products.

Action and results oriented with a strong ability to manage multi-task projects, Denise is highly responsible in setting and meeting deadlines. She is a reliable team player with experience in interacting with various levels and functions. Denise has excellent follow-up and organizational skills, is a quick learner and a creative thinker. She also has experience in managing outside design agencies and printers.

Denise likes working with people and inspiring others through communication. She enjoys being current on events and trends and utilizes social media such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Denise enjoys putting communication messages together to help people understand things more and communicate in a way that's easy for people to read and take in the information and looks forward to working with you.


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Industry Projects

  • Consumer Goods4
  • Marketing4
  • Kids/Family1

Summary of Industry Experience

Consumer Goods

Copywriting, helpful tips, and customer specific copy are some of the examples of writing Denise has completed in the Consumer Goods industry working for Fortune 500 companies such as Avery Dennison, Epson America and Riege International Software. She has experience in creating a consistent message across several mediums including catalogs, packaging, displays, sales tools, literature and brochures, websites, ads and other marketing materials.

With an MBA in Marketing and a BA in Communications, Denise has been working in the industry for the past 25+ years, first in Trade Marketing and Marketing positions and currently as a Marketing Consultant.


With an MBA in Marketing and a BA in Communications, Denise has been working in the industry for the past 25+ years, first in Trade Marketing and Marketing positions and currently as a Marketing Consultant. She has experience in writing copy for packaging, displays, literature, sales tools, websites and other marketing materials.


Denise does not have any paid experience working in the Kids/Family industry. Instead as a wife and mom of 3 busy boys she has a lot of life experience and connections that would be an asset to writing for companies in this industry. She is looking to expand her repertoire into this industry.

Product Projects

  • Product Description20+
  • Catalog10+
  • Advertisement10+
  • Presentation5
  • Blog Post2
  • Web Page2
  • Email Copy1
  • Facebook Post0

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Denise has experience in writing product descriptions for catalogs, brochures, sales fliers, websites and product packaging. Products that she has written descriptions for include office supplies, school supplies, mobile charger batteries and software solutions. Product descriptions need to get the idea of the product across in short quick sentences that anyone can understand. They also should be descriptive and tell the consumer what it can do, how it can do it and why they should get it.


Denise has experience writing catalog copy for several product lines and different types of catalogs. One type of catalog is a customer catalog - for example Office Depot Supply catalog - where the catalog copy has to follow what Office Depot wants or has room to print. The other type of catalog would be a smaller design oriented catalog where the copy complements the design and artistically it can be designed in several different ways. While working at Avery, she developed a catalog copy strategy that would help all the product managers put together product descriptions that were consistent across all the product lines, then she would develop catalog copy that would be used in all the customer catalogs. She also was able to work on design oriented catalogs, writing copy that told an overall story about specific products.


Denise has experience creating sales flyers, consumer flyers and other materials that were used as direct mail pieces, at trade shows and in customer meetings. She also has experience writing ads for industry periodicals. Many of the materials included several different products lines and sometimes matched a theme. At Avery Dennison, Denise wrote copy for their customers to use for their customers.


Denise has experience in creating presentations for both large and small audiences. Familiar with Powerpoint and the need for focused bullet points to drive a message, Denise also has experience in giving the presentation so she understands how to write them. She has written presentations for sales meetings, customer meetings, introducing a new internal process to a cross-functional team, research based and annual reviews. She also written copy that is displayed in a trade show booth, which is a different type of presentation.

Blog Post

Although Denise has not had any paid projects for blog writing, she is familiar with blogging. Blog entries can be long or short and depending on whether it is a business blog or a personal side, usually are a little more personal. She recently created her own Author blog.

Web Page

Denise rewrote product description copy for Riege International's website when they were making an initial entry into America. She created names for different features that were in individual modules so there would be consistency. She also developed a Description and Highlights format to quickly tell what each product offers.

Email Copy

Denise volunteers her time to write email copy on a weekly basis to her son's boy scout troop, providing news and updates on activities and events.

Facebook Post

Denise is on Facebook all the time with her personal page as well as her author page. She recently took a social media class to learn more about all social media from a business perspective and how to write posts and tweets to maximize interaction. She follows different professionals and organizations to see trends and popular posts.

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