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Until 2003, Laura worked as a certified horseback riding instructor and horse trainer. She taught children and adults across several equestrian disciplines, but an injury cut short her career.

Laura started her freelance writing business in 2004. Since then, she has created SEO-friendly content for a variety of industries and publications. She specializes in simplifying complex topics in how-to articles, blog posts and sales copy.

Though she enjoys researching new subjects for clients, she specializes in content about pets, business, finance, and health. She strives for word economy in every piece she creates and believes that the best content is simple, straight-forward, and engaging.

Laura strives for grammatical perfection in every piece of copy she writes, but she believes that good copy is more than observation of rules. She refines every sentence for syntax, logic, and flow, and she specifically concentrates on ideation and title creation. She wants her copy to be both discoverable among search engines and shareable among readers.


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Industry Projects

  • Pets500+
  • Business500+
  • Medical100+
  • Legal50+

Summary of Industry Experience


As a former horseback riding instructor and horse trainer, Laura has spent most of her life in the company of animals. She loves to write about the training, health, breeding, diet, and care of all animals, though much of her work has focused on horses, dogs, and cats.

Laura always injects a human element into her work, addressing both the emotional and practical sides of caring for animals.


Laura has written numerous articles for tradesmen and professionals in the Houston area as well as around the world. She often writes for corporate audiences on entrepreneurship, staffing, signage, budgeting, and commercial loans. She also writes for businesses interested in attracting new clients via accessible content. Her clients have included plumbers, electricians, physicians, dentists, attorneys, and many others.


Many people turn to the Internet before their doctors when seeking information about symptoms, issues, and medications. Laura has written for several publications about topics ranging from ulcerative colitis and LASIK eye surgery to alternative remedies and acupuncture. She has also created content for mental health providers and advocates.


Laura has written several articles for attorneys and other legal professionals. She enjoys researching case law, news reports, and other data so she can break down complex legal topics so they are easily understood by the public.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post1,000+

Summary of Product Experience


Most of Laura's freelance writing career is devoted to the creation of articles. She writes informative, engaging content from unique angles, careful to avoid duplicating existing content on the Internet.

Blog Post

Blog posts require a delicate touch, and Laura puts reader engagement among her top priorities when crafting content in this medium. She strives to write blog posts that readers will share with their friends and family members so her clients receive as much exposure as possible.

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