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Lisa has been writing since she could first pick up a pen. Since she was a small child, she would make up stories and plays for the neighborhood children. In grade school, she had a play she wrote performed for the entire school. Lisa was involved in the school newspaper all through elementary and high school. She spent her free time writing poetry and had many poems published locally and in collections of books.

Lisa also was an award winning writer for a newsletter for a non-profit organization where she volunteered. Her newsletter reached readers in 10 countries. Lisa also was the recorder for this organization, which kept the history and minutes of the group. Lisa is still involved in this organization as an adult, and helps young girls learn how to write a proper letter, and take proper minutes.

In college, Lisa wrote for her school newspaper where she had her own column, and was a reporter. In addition to writing many stories in and out of class, Lisa was an advisor, and an International Ambassador. She helped students from Japan learn how to read and write English. She also was a editor for her college's literary magazine.

After school, Lisa has done various projects from blogging to writing poems and letters. She is a highly creative person who loves a challenge. She loves the written word and loves helping others. This passion has made her the person that she is today.


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Lisa is very passionate about animals. She writes an advice column and answers questions on her blog about pets.

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Lisa has written several different items for the world of entertainment. She has written up reviews and descriptions for plays, music, plays, TV and movies. Lisa always does her best to be fair and honest about what she has seen and experienced. She loves the world of arts and entertainment and likes to experience as much of it as possible.


Lisa is very passionate about animals. She writes an advice column and answers questions on her blog about pets.


Lisa has written several things in newsletters and blogs on the subject of Hobbies. She has written about music, scrapbooking, DIY projects, and collections.

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